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  1. I like the idea of Greasy Spoon. As a matter of fact I was looking into doing that run. However, from research I have done I have found it's busy as all get out and not too fun with all the a-hole SxS's. I saw a video where one of these over compensating macho men just about ran a Jeep off the trail. That said it is a maybe on my list of to do's.
  2. now there's an idea that will get me some sleeping on the couch time, i like it though!
  3. My rig got a name tag. I am not quite sure how I feel about the pin up girl on the ends yet. It came out crisp and legible so I am not quite sure what's bugging me about it but she aint going anywhere for now.
  4. Betty Lou needed a good cleaning inside and and out after the last few years of playing in the dust and mud. I found Summit Mobile Detailing, who are based in Surprise, and decided to go with them. It's a husband and wife team that operate the business, I am not sure of their complete service area unfortunately. They are super friendly and have good rates, they even offer a veteran's discount which I wound up giving back in a tip. They offer all the usual detailing services that one can think of. I am in the 4th year of a 6 year ceramic coating so all she needed was a good wash, no buffing etc.. They managed to clean all the dirt and dust out of all the crevices inside which made me happy. I'm old, fat and not as bendy as I used to be so I often miss those areas. I may want to do something about all the pinstripes at some point but not anytime soon. They are not visible when looking straight on, just at angles. I would have to justify in my mind spending money to do that knowing I would eventually replace them.
  5. Thanks Ryan, I like the Rock Slide Engineering Products overall. The one you linked to looks like a better option to be honest. As we all know, every inch matters! I am talking about space of course, minds out of the gutter people!
  6. I came across this tailgate table on the YouTube the other day. I am not quite sure about the quality or durability though. I don't know how I feel about it because I sleep in the Jeep and need all the leg room I can get. Right now it is a low maybe for me at some point, however, someone may like it more than I.
  7. I am joking about the horse power , serious about the decal.
  8. I am looking for any recommendations here in the valley for side of the hood decals. I am considering having my rigs name added to the hood and have the Rubicon decal removed. I do not have the tools to do it so a I am looking for a shop to do it for me. My main reason for doing this is I need the extra horsepower i know they provide. (I am joking of course)
  9. Thanks for putting this together @theksmith ! It was good to see everyone and meet some new members of the family. The cars were pretty cool too.
  10. Another thing a person gains is no side eye dirty looks when you conceal carry. People can't seem to mind their own business these days so why give them another reason to get in yours by open carrying.
  11. x2. I knew @ob1jeeper was a rock star but not to that level. @Ladybug is pretty awesome too. We keep good company here, that's for sure.
  12. Thank you Kris. This sounds like its gonna be fun. Luckily it's the clip nearest the bottom so it should not fight me too much.
  13. So I found the source of a rattle/noise, the passenger side fender flare is loose. I tried pushing it back in but it wont stay.I see the male portion on the fender flare but nothing on the fender which explains the problem. Do they use the trim clips that are used on the grille? If not what do they use? After searching around I am a little confused on what I need to buy.
  14. This is the stuff of nightmares.
  15. I knew as soon as I saw it. Made me feel old!
  16. I was re-reading this and the lack of flip flops jumped at me too! Not sure how I missed it the first time. That is a pretty killer set up Ryan, nice work.
  17. Thanks for posting Woody. I am looking to get an external antenna for my Wouxun HT at some point. I like the short stubby "ghost" GMRS antenna that I plan on mounting close to the A pillar. This information definitely helps.
  18. No symptoms from the ball joints which was a bonus. I had Betty Lou in my local stone of fire shop for an alignment and they found a little bit of play in the ball joints. They gave me a price that I was not joyously jumping up and down about.(This was before I found out they were covered under warranty) I wanted a second opinion so I took it to Joe at On Point Performance. He showed me there was some play(Not enough to be concerned about) and he recommended they get done under warranty since I had that available. That dude is a rock star as far I'm concerned. The sway bar bushings issue was found when I took it in. They noticed there was squeak when they moved the sway bar around. This may be the squeak I have noticed for a while when I hit bumps when wheeling and driving. I have not been able to pin point that squeak and trying to find it has been driving me nuts honestly. I will find out if that fixed it next time I'm on a trail. If not, the hunt will continue.
  19. Just got Betty Lou back from the dealership. She had all four of her ball joints and the sway bar bushings replaced. Everything was covered under warranty which expires next week, so I just got in under the wire.
  20. Nice write up, thanks for sharing. I want to get a fridge one day but powering it(Without rewiring the vehicle) and the overall cost of something like this and a fridge are cost prohibitive. I think I need a sugar mamma. I do like something like this because you can charge it during the day while driving.
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