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  1. It does seem to be a common enough problem. Maybe they need to build them with better materials or something along those lines.
  2. Well after spending one of my vacation days at the dealership they found it. It is not what I thought it was, turns out it is the oil filter adapter/oil cooler. I have been reading articles and watching videos on the UTubes and started to get a sneaking suspicion that it may be that. The "symptoms" I found were similar to mine so I am not surprised by this at all. This issue has tricked other folks so I am not beating myself up too bad. It's a small/slow leak which explains why I did not see a puddle when I checked top of the engine this weekend. On the run I must've had a puddle built up and going through the washes drained it all over the place. I did check my oil level and it looked good which is weird. I was not in the mood to waste another vacation day sitting there so they have my rig overnight to get the parts in and installed. Good news is it is covered under warranty so there's that silver lining. Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions, I appreciate it.
  3. I guess I should ask if anyone would be interested in doing so.
  4. Has ORP or any of the experienced trail leaders ever done a group trip to Ouray,CO ? With the exception of Black Bear Pass most of the trails on this list look interesting. Late summer/early fall 2021 or sometime in 2022 would be a good time frame I believe.
  5. I will have no childrens but like the idea. It should keep them occupied and prevent hurt feelings. Lord knows it's difficult enough hearing the adults cry when a gift one likes gets stolen!
  6. I have not had any leaks since the run, which is weird honestly. I have crawled around underneath it the few times I have driven it and found nothing new. I am taking it in on the 28th to have the tranny cooler lines looked at, I am thinking that is where it is after looking around, that's where I saw fluid dripping. Maybe it's there maybe not, I will find out one way or another.
  7. Thanks for the link and the heads up on the parts being special order, hopefully they won't take her away from me until they come in if that is the issue. I did read about the recall on 2012's a day or ago so I checked on the Jeep owners website and it said it was fixed in 2013. I verified that was accurate using your link. We shall see what happens. No leaks are a good sign for now and I am not planning on driving much the next week and half.
  8. Thanks @ob1jeeper. I decided to take her in to the dealership week after next because the cooling lines are covered. Because of that I do not want to clean it up too good and have them say they see nothing wrong. It is cleaner than before, just not spotless yet. I did take a drive yesterday and when I got home there was still no leaking. I am going to see what happens at the dealership before I try the flour idea, which is a good one, if needed.
  9. That rig is a beast! It'd be a real s^%t show if it ever rolled over. That dude with the long beard in the black shirt has no neck and must only have one colored shirt.
  10. Thanks @theksmith , I appreciate the pointers and list of things to check. I do have the 3.6L engine. I noticed this before the steep downhill obstacle but not after, which I think is positive. There were a few steep-ish drops but not as extreme as the one in the pictures. I checked the fluids, level looks good cold. I will check again next time I drive her around. Above the transmission looks clean, at least above the sticker in the picture below. The t-case is dry. I was using 4 Low to climb down and out of a wash when it popped out. When I stopped moving while climbing out I gave it some gas to get moving again. Then I realized the t-case was in Neutral when the engine rev'd up and I did not move. I did not hit or scrape anything along the way either. What I noticed yesterday is the line on the bottom coming in from the transmission cooler was wet(top is dry) and the line going into the fitting was a little "wiggly" for lack of a better word. The fitting itself it was and is tight. Today that line is tight, not "wiggly". After crawling around underneath and checking what you suggested I am starting to think that this is the source of the issue yesterday. This happened once before after I had the fluid replaced then stopped all of a sudden. I am going to keep an eye on it. Thanks for the help with walking through this. It helps to bounce stuff of of folks in the know.
  11. Yesterday while running Saddle Mountain I noticed some fluid on the ground on the way into one of our stops when I was walking around the area. I decided to check my rig before sounding the alarm and having everyone check theirs. It turns out it was mine, it appeared to be transmission fluid. On the way in to the area where made our first stop I popped out of 4 low once climbing out of a wash and had a heck of time getting back into 4 low so I went into 4 high and continued on. That could have been me doing something wrong when changing to 4 low. I mention this because it is the weird thing I noticed or remember. Nothing was scraped or hit on the way in and I had no issues using 4 low the rest of the day. At lunch I crawled underneath and wiped up any transmission fluid I found underneath. The transmission pan was covered and so was the cross member. From that point forward I did not see any leaks at all. For good measure when I got home I ran it through the car wash and crawled back under after to make sure I did not miss anything. Still no leaks this morning. I am relieved somewhat but am bothered as to what it could be. I may take it in and have it checked because I am thinking it could be the gasket which was(or should have been) replaced when the fluid was swapped last year. Has anyone run into something like this before?
  12. Thanks! There was a little pucker factor dropping down that ledge into the wash for sure.
  13. Here are a few of ours. Here's the gang conquering the biggest obstacle.
  14. Made it home. Thanks for leading a fun run @4x4tographer , we had a blast. It was good to see everyone. Oh yeah, rock hounding was a blast. Got some treasures.
  15. On top of some tools, ratchet tie down straps, recovery and safety gear I carry some fluids. I carry 2 quarts of oil, a bottle of power steering and brake fluid along with a can of O’Reilly's brake part cleaner. The brake part cleaner is flammable so it could serve a double purpose provided you have a lighter of some type which I do. I carry those fluids in an MTM AC50C-40 50-Caliber Ammo Can I found on Amazon. I follow a guy on YouTube that recommended that ammo can and so far it fits good with my other gear in a bin. I have some electrical tape along with some Flex Seal tape. Flex Seal is supposed to stop leaks so if needed it could be wrapped around a hose to try and stop the bleeding if you will.(I hope to never find out honestly) I also have some fuses, spare lug nuts and Colby Valve Emergency Valve Stems should anyone have a need for one. I believe out on a run should something happen with what I have and others may have we could limp back to civilization.
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