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  1. My bad, I forgot to ask if you guys were bringing both rigs. I'll put you down as Tentative for now. As we get closer let me know your status.
  2. We are starting on the east side off of Hwy 260 and heading west. Meet Up is at the Visitors Center off of Hwy 260. I'll update the meetup section to clear that up, the link for the map is right. From where Dick Hart Ridge runs into Rim Road we will head west on Rim Road to Hwy 87. That's the western portion. The section between Cabin Loop Trail/Buck Springs Ridge( From TrailsOffroad) we are skipping. I hope I am making sense. If anyone's camping Saturday night we can coordinate "dropping them off" day of. I planned it this way so anyone heading home Saturday after they will be closer to home.
  3. I'd like to do more camping there in the future. The run we did last October was awesome. This trip is to show my wife the area, I'm sure she'll like it. Maybe it will convince her to try camping, I doubt it though.
  4. I am open to suggestions on this run so please pass along any thoughts you may have so we can discuss. If the folks who like to camp up there want to roll this into that style of run we can discuss that too.
  5. Mogollon Rim- 7-16-22 - Easy To Moderate My wife and I will be in Payson 7-15 through 7-17 escaping the summer heat. She is not a camping person so we are staying at a hotel in town. There are camping spots all over up there if you want to camp Friday(7-15) or Saturday night or both nights. My plan is to run a few easy Mogollon Rim trails on 7-16 while we are up there. I want to revisit the area and check out some cabins, one of which is a short hike off one of the trails. If my math is correct we are looking at about 60 miles total. These are mainly easy trails where, based on prior experience, we can make good time. Here's the trails I have mapped out. Rim Road- I am starting on the East side off of HWY 260. This will be run West to the next trail. Cabin Loop Trail- We will run a good portion of this trail over to the next trail. FR 139G- We will run this short 2 mile trail south. Per TrailsOffroad there is an old homestead next to Aspen Spring that is worth checking out. They say the hike is easy and less than a 1/2 mile(one way) off this trail. Dick Hart Ridge- The previous trail ends here so we will continue south until this trail ends at Rim Road(FR 300) Rim Road- We will run this West to HWY 87 from where Dick Hart Ridge ends. . Meet-Up & Departure: Time: 0830 at the Rim Road trailhead off of Hwy 260. (Old Rim Road Visitor Center) There is an area there for all of us to stage up and air down. If folks want to meet 30 minutes earlier I am open to that as well. Depart NLT 0900 Google Map here. No service stations near by, recommend to top off off in or around Payson on the way in. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This trip is subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain, fire, inclement weather or $10 a gallon gas. Communications: GMRS - Channel 20 (462.675 MHz) Other Considerations: Plenty Of Water & Food (pack a lunch and snacks!) Dress for the weather. Folding chairs Sunscreen Camera Emergency supplies / Med Kit No facilities, plan accordingly DRIVER & VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS This trail is suitable for beginner for 4x4 enthusiasts. Be advised there is a good mix of terrain including but not limited to some mild off camber sections and loose rock in various spots. Vehicle Minimums: All vehicles are required to meet state legal requirements, (i.e.: current registration and insurance) Each vehicle must have a GMRS or HAM Radio in good working order Have functional seat-belts for each occupant Must have suitable recovery points front and rear High-clearance 4x4's with low-range 30"+ aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires SIGN-UPS Post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and I'll put you on the roster! I am setting it at 10 including me for now. Once the limit is reached, anyone asking to sign-up will be placed on the standby list. Please don't hesitate to sign-up as a standby because people often do drop-out so you may get to still go. @shellback91 & Mrs. shellback91 @Large_Marge @Ken Ford @ZR2-Ben @English Al @Jbjr Standby
  6. Thanks for the pointer, my alternator's fine based on my readings I just took. I had the voltages you mentioned at both steps. Must have got a lemon battery last year. If it happens again I'll go with a different brand.
  7. Some of My Pics. From Polaris: Sunrise at Hovatter homestead looking down the driveway:
  8. The gang and I completed our KOFA run yesterday afternoon. It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ORP members for the first time. We covered approximately 138 miles in three awesome days in the KOFA Wilderness area. I may make this an annual run to explore some more. I did not take many pictures myself this time and am looking forward to seeing everyone's pics. A big thanks to our two tail gunners this weekend. Attendees were: @mbuckner @Curly & Devon(Tail-gunner Day 2) @gearhead @MzPriss & Bill @Bradywgn71 @Ken Ford @We Just Go @Stacey and Scott (Tail-gunner Day 1) @Rawhyd @Mick Bowers My overall impression with the area is that it is awesome, quiet and not crowded. There is a ton of space out there with plenty of well marked camping areas. We did not see a lot of other traffic overall over the three days. The trails are well identified and easy to follow, you know where you are supposed to be and where you are not allowed. The only exception was a section of the Hoodoo wash. I got a little discombobulated which is easy to do. I was on the left side when I should have been on the right side to make a left. Make sense? We figured it out and got back on track quickly. We made our way using the trails listed in the original post. All trails had excellent scenery and differing views of the area, I felt all them were beautiful. On Friday we met up then picked up a few attendee's that camped out Thursday night on the way to the Big Eye Mine. The trail in is in good shape with a mix of rocky ground, some mild off camber spots and the usual easy to moderate variety type of terrain. Once at the mine we parked then some visited the cabin area, some went on to the mine itself. It was a relatively easy hike up. After exploring we had lunch before moving on. We then backtracked to the KOFA Bypass Rd where we headed north through a few sections of "moon dust" which got everywhere and on everything. This trail is called either McPherson Pass or Castle Dome Mountains depending on which resource you are looking at. It is a well marked easy trail. We found camp around 4:30 along this trail for a relaxing evening under the stars. Day one was a good day with no issues, good company and good trails. Saturday we woke up to a beautiful crisp morning and broke camp with a goal of making it to the Hovatter Homestead by days end. Stacey informed me that Scott was not feeling right as a result of lingering issues from his accident and they would not be able to continue. I am not a fan of leaving people behind but after talking with them I felt confident they would be okay to get out, which they did. Tim took over tail-gunner duties from here, thanks Tim! We ran McPherson Pass to RD 76 north to King Valley Road. This path was easy to moderate in some spots, nothing too challenging. We then made our way to Polaris/North Star Mine, this area is pretty darn cool. The trail to Polaris Rd. is easy, Polaris Rd. itself is a short moderate one. We visited the old cabin then hiked the old road to the mining area. There were a couple of mines/shafts with core samples and other debris on the trail to the big mine. The mine at the top goes a way in and there is old mining gear and equipment scattered about the entire area. After exploring we made our way out the KOFA cemetery. After visiting there we had lunch before moving on. The rest of the day's trails were easy to moderate with no significant challenges at all. Mild off camber spots, rocky terrain, ruts and some steep climbs sums and epic scenery sum it up nicely. Only the Hoodoo Wash section formerly mentioned got me a little off track, nothing significant. We arrived at the Hovatter Homestead around 4:30 for another relaxing evening under the stars. We had the entire place to ourselves. Day two was a good day with no issues, good company and good trails. Sunday morning was another cool crisp morning and we broke camp leisurely. I visited the family graves, payed my respects the to Hovatter's and thanked Mr. Hovatter for his hospitality. (I am weird like that) After everyone was packed up and ready to roll we started moving, kinda. Over the radio we hear Buckner say "I'll be ready when I find my key". We all stopped and helped him look for his key. We looked for a while but never found it anywhere. I am leaning towards a pack rat or some other critter picking it up and hoarding it. After trying a few things to try and tow him out we decided that the best plan was to call his wife and ask her to meet us at the Pilot where we were ending our day with his other key. Mike jumped in @Rawhyd's rig and rode out with us after securing his rig. The ride out was easy with a couple of moderate spots. Great expansive views of the valley's were the highlights of the ride. Once at the Pilot with his spare key in hand Mike rode back with @Rawhyd & @Ken Ford to get his rig then make there way back out. Big shout out to those guys for volunteering to do that! Thanks again to everyone who came out on our adventure, I really enjoyed it.
  9. My wife and I will be in Payson 7-15 through 7-17 escaping the summer heat. She is not a camping person so we are staying at a hotel in town. There are camping spots all over up there if you want to camp Friday(7-15) or Saturday night or both nights. My plan is to run a few easy Mogollon Rim trails on 7-16 while we are up there. I want to revisit the area and check out some cabins, one of which is a short hike off one of the trails. If my math is correct we are looking at about 60 miles total. These are mainly easy trails where, based on prior experience, we can make good time. Details and sign ups here.
  10. The battery jump starters are priceless. I have a multi use one and it saved my bacon last year.
  11. Post bump for my own OCD reasons. I noticed I did not explain to my liking on the first post. I had a general idea of what the "error" message was. I forgot to mention I had checked all lights and wiring as best I could so I was a little baffled by that message. I know some "error" messages are not always what they seem so I asked. We shall see what happens with the new batt going forward. Thanks again everyone for input!
  12. Last night I went out in the dark garage and looked around my rig. I saw no lights on anywhere in or around the Jeep. I checked any and all connections I could find and saw nothing wrong. I am not able to get my hands on a meter yet but it is on my "next thing to purchase" list. I wandered down to Auto Zone after work today and exchanged the battery for a new one. This one has a manufactured date of 1/22 on it so I am going to monitor the situation and see what happens. It is entirely possible I got my hands on a lemon last summer. Thanks for the input gang. The error code, as simple as it looked, threw me off because some codes can be a red herring at times.
  13. That crossed my mind too. The battery I replaced last year was old and needed to go, this one is newish. According to the dude at AutoZone my alternator is fine. That said, I am going back down there today, retest and maybe force their hand to replace the battery. I may even schedule an appointment with the dealership for the alternator depending on what happens today. I am still under warranty so if it's bad then I should be covered.
  14. It was a tester they connected to the battery while the battery was still in-vehicle. I may take another run at AutoZone today or tomorrow with the weekday crew being there. It's covered for 3 years so I have to replace it I should be covered. I should probably pick up meter too as @Stacey and Scott mentioned.
  15. I have none of the above. I am pretty good about making sure doors are closed etc.. I've got a long drive later this week, that should charge it up enough.
  16. I've noticed that my rig is a little slow to turn over lately. I've seen no engine codes so I took it down to AutoZone to have the battery checked.(I replaced the battery about 6-8 months ago) They said the battery is fine, just needs charged. The message they showed me on the tester was "Light left on, key turned off drain". (Something like that) I am not sure what to make of this and cannot find anything relevant on the interwebs. My light bar has been removed and that wiring has been tucked away an d my 2 pod lights are never on. Any thoughts on this?
  17. Thanks Tim! I've never been out that way yet but it seems like a pretty cool little town. I hope the new owners keep their word and leave it as is.
  18. Which rock slides did you go with? I have a set from them and they are pretty solid.
  19. looks good! in my humble opinion there's nothing wrong with quieting down some of the wind and other noises. squeaks, rattles and wind noise drive me bonkers. I try and eliminate or tame them a little when possible.
  20. If you have a GMRS radio with repeaters already programmed you should make sure you are not on the repeater channel with the same number as the normal channel. For example I was on repeater channel 20 thinking I was on GMRS 20(something like that), I got nowhere fast needless to say.
  21. I know you are shorter than I but a 25" TT seems a little small to me. Did you mean 25'?
  22. Looks like a great run, thanks for posting up and sharing!
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