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  1. Those trails are not in my comfort zone financially or whatever other "illy" you can conjure up. I am kinda boring that way.
  2. I want one of those one of these days. The price and the power set up for it are what's in my way. Someday I'll get one.
  3. Fiona looked good, sounded good and did awesome on the trail! You guys did some great work on her and that's pretty damn cool in my humble opinion.
  4. Here are a few my wife took. Nothing, quite an accurate description. A gaggle of Jeeps and their humans. A view from the top.
  5. Home safe and sound. It was good to see everyone. Just like Ryan and D we ate too much of everything and it was glorious! Thanks to everyone who worked on this and to @theksmith for leading the run!
  6. I am also going to bring a variety pack of chips (Small Bags/Lunch Box Style) and I'll bring my spare tire trash bag to haul some trash out.
  7. Sounds good D. I am looking forward to Saturday. Haven't been out since October and this get together is always a good time!
  8. Wilderness first-aid sounds like something I'd like to learn too along with off-road recovery. I may add them to my "to learn" list.
  9. One of my goals this year is to wheel more and get more camping in. I am in a wanting to learn and grow mode lately. Here a few things on this list. I would like to learn more about route planning. This includes finding trails, finding camping spots and POI's on over-nighters or day runs that I lead. I will be picking people's brains a little more as part of this process. I need to up my camping organization game to be more efficient & comfortable. If I can do that it would make doing more multi-day overland runs in the future easier/plausible. Improve camp cooking. Improve reading trails and obstacles. Rig wise I am pretty happy with where Betty Lou is build wise for the upcoming year(s). She's due for some scheduled maintenance (Spark Plugs & PCV Valve) later this year. Other than that the plan is to keep up on regular maintenance and fix things as they come up. She may be due for ball joints this year too so I need to start planning that financially, this includes stocking up on generic Mac & Cheese. I may do some research into an external antenna set up for my handheld GMRS radio. It seems to work good as is so I am not in a rush yet but I do want to look into it at least.
  10. My wife suggested you guys set up a scavenger hunt type of thing for the girls with gifts that are wrapped differently, one for each girl. Give each of them a clue that has the color of the wrapping paper and general area they can find it. That may keep them entertained as well. Or maybe an Easter Egg hunt type of activity.
  11. Very nice. I'd like to know how these hold up for you and @theksmith after a few months of use. I have read a variety of things, some good and some bad. One thing I read was they throw the hood out of alignment. I am not sure how that's possible, but I am sure a determined person can make that happen.
  12. ***This trip open to ORP Club Members Only*** Learn how to become a member here! Join me on an approximately 44 mile scenic run north of the valley. We will start south of Camp Verde and wind up at Bloody Basin Road & I-17 by mid-afternnon. We will be using various trails, some complete & parts of others to do this run. Most of these trails are part of the Great Western Trail that runs from Arizona to Montana. See links below for further details on the trails. Details & Sign-Ups Here!
  13. Nice! There's a dude on the YouTube that has a channel named "Not A Rubicon Productions". He has a lot of videos and some specifically for this radio that may help.
  14. Thanks gents! I found these earlier when I was hunting around, it's good to have options. Something to add to my list of things I may want get my grubby hands on at some point.
  15. Thanks! I like the panel you have between the seats, how does that stay in place?
  16. Thanks for the suggestions, I do appreciate it. I think I know of a way to attach the magnet to my square microphone clip that will hold so I will most likely go with the magnetic mount. One of those should keep everything in reach/convenient.
  17. Howdy gang! I have a handheld Wouxun GMRS radio and I am having a booger of a time finding somewhere to hang my microphone. I have been looking and trying various things with no real luck so far. If anyone has any ideas they are are welcome. Here's my configuration at the moment. I have a Jeep Unique mount on the passenger side that fits my HAM radio. The rail is not long(Tall) enough for this radio and unfortunately they do not make one for it. I hang the radio from the microphone clip and it stays put. My tablet is mounted next to it on my 67 Designs set up. My microphone has no real home. Sometimes it's in the cup holder or some other spot out of my way but accessible. I have a Retractable Hanger similar to this that I sometimes hang off a bungee cord on the passenger side under the visor. Here is where I am try to get to. I would like my microphone and radio close, out of the way and somewhere where the microphone won't hit me in the head when wheeling. I'd like it to be out of my way and not block my view of my tablet if possible. I'd like to leave my tablet mount where it is if possible.
  18. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and don't know how I feel about it. He seems like a good dude and I've supported a couple of his fund raisers recently. I want to see how it shakes out.
  19. I changed the oil myself so I was the unskilled tech that created this problem. I may have over tightened it last time or I may have lost the washer when I pulled it last weekend or both. I replaced it a little while, cleaned up really good around the plug, drove it around a little and so far so good. I'll probably check again after a while but I should be good to go and I learned a lesson for sure. The old one did not have a washer, I can pick some up for it or just get an OEM plug with a hard plastic washer. I'll decide later on that. Thanks again gents.
  20. I like the idea of the Fumoto, however, I'm already paranoid enough. Having that in the back of my mind would make the nagging voices louder. I'm gonna pick up a new plug I found at Auto Zone and see how it goes. It has the gasket and the right thread type. Thanks for helping me think this through @theksmith and @4x4tographer, it's helpful for me to walk through it and check my logic sometimes.
  21. It's on there good, I can't get any tighter. But I'll try again. I want to avoid draining the oil and then putting it back if possible. I don't believe it has either type of integrated washer. That may be the issue. However, it hasn't been a problem before which is weird. Thought I'd throw this out here as a sounding board to help think it through.
  22. After my recent oil change I'm noticing seepage around my oil drain plug. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this before and would have any thoughts. The plug isn't OEM so I'm not sure replacing it with one is an option or if I should try one from an auto parts store. If so I'll drain the oil, change the plug and pour the oil back in.
  23. Do the feet on this get extremely hot? I do not have a tailgate table and would be using a "regular" camping table, hot feet would be a minor concern.
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