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  1. A little organize when it comes with my garage so I would make an effort to put back where I borrowed a tool after even when I am so tired.
  2. When I do off-road alone I bring a gun with me just for protection but another thing I am also a fan of is fishing and camping. Been struggling to find a storage for both so when I am off-roading it won't easily slide. Sharing this to all Ram owners: https://www.ramsareus.com/sku/82213065ad.html
  3. First aid kit is something I usually don't prioritize and I usually forget to change the meds when it expires . First aid kit is not just at the top of my mind which is sad and wrong.
  4. What I use for camping is a rice cooker. I just put all the ingredients in that mostly I cook congee or stew.
  5. It's true that they have higher standards but based on the photos (physically) I fell like the bumper was not as damaged compared too some tests I saw but of course maybe they also tested the impact of that to the passengers.
  6. What I have is compatible with Jeep. Been binge watching Marie Kondo's show on Netflix and after that I realized that my car is such a mess especially when we go travel. We really travel a lot so I need to make a way to fit everything. This is what I got https://www.jeepsareus.com/sku/82208566.html. What I did is I attached it on the side so it wont move when on the road. If you want you can also stack it. But when we have really bulk things like when we camp, I install it on the rack on top and seal everything with a net.
  7. The difference is that now we are just more techy. We have RV that just works like our house. Before, for sure they DIY their van and dded the mattress on their own.
  8. Never tried wiggy but how is it in terms of comfort ( I mean of course it's not really that comfortable compared when you sleep on a mattress) but is it that cottony?
  9. What I would really recommend is north face. They have a wide range of sizes and thickness for the max temperature on where you would stay.
  10. Glamping is indeed popular. My wife personally prefer glamping over camping so we would really fight over who's turn is it. I guess if your intention is to really relax and not worry about hot water then glamping is the solution.
  11. That little red mini stove is something I should try. Just wondering how many days did it last for you? My usual camp is about 3 days so if that would last for 3 days, I'm in
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