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  1. Hola, Please put us on the stand by. Would like to see the sites.
  2. Count us in, down for awhile and this would be a good trail to hit. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. Well @#$&, unfortunately we are not going to make it to the shindig. I had to schedule a surgery and have been advised to avoid multiple people gatherings for awhile. We were really looking forward to being there this year. I wanted to give you as much notice as possible. We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year !!!
  4. I am hoping that Off Road Passport also goes the way of GMRS. My CB gives me fits trying to adjust it with an SWR meter and I only end up hearing one side of the conversation if someone is talking. I like the look of my CB antenna but it can be non functional and no one would know...lol. I thought you had to have a license for GMRS if you wanted to broadcast on certain channels... I unknowingly had GMRS and got the license too but it is really EASY to get the license that lasts for 2 years, I think...
  5. Count us in. We can bring hamburger and hot dog buns. Cheese for burgers paper plates, plastic cutlery, and napkins. Let me know an approximate number if possible. Looking forward to it....
  6. we will bring an EZ up and a 6 foot table. We will also bring our small propane fire pit unless it is still as hot as Hades and our 6' poles.
  7. We will be there late Friday afternoon(depending on traffic) and tenting it, if someone could save us a flat area it would be most appreciated. I am not real familiar with the area. Can't wait to get back to the mountains and socially distance......with beer. LOL
  8. We are going to try and make it. We have wanting to do a night run...
  9. We are still in if the dates remain the same.... I have hunting trip the following weekend and we out of town the weekend after that.....ick Houston...
  10. Unfortunately we are going to bow out of this run due to last minute work issues.
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