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  1. Awesome job on the trip report Ryan. Thanks for leading us through it all. I have say, it was a good day....
  2. Jeep 4 door JKU hand built galley with fridge slide, deep locking drawer, open cubby, and platform on top. Will fit with back seats in place. $150.00 OBO
  3. Installed my cargo dog storage unit today....I love it
  4. Hi Kris, Unfortunately we will be unable to attend this year. Kelly will be leaving town so I will need to remain home to take care of the doggies. Really bummed, I was looking forward to it. Y'all have a great time and take lots of pictures.
  5. Thanks for a great day. Kelly had a great time behind the wheel. She will want her own Jeep very soon....lol
  6. Please add us to the list... looking forward to the famous cheese crisp and sliders....mmmmmm
  7. Hi Diane, Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control Kelly won't be making the trip this year so team Rubikhan will be out of the reindeer games. I look forward to rooting everyone on solo. See you in a couple of weeks.
  8. I have added some goodies over the last month or so; 1 ton RPM tie rod and drag link, replaced all the control arms with Metalcloak parts, replaced front track bar with Metalcloak part, replaced the rear Nitto Ridge Grappler tires, replaced front springs to give a 3.5in lift, and I will be deleting the 60% part of the rear seat for added room for those overlanding ORP trips. Unfortunately I had to replace the front shocks with the added height so I have a pair of Bilstein 5100 shocks with low mileage if anyone is interested... Stay shiny................
  9. OK everyone simmer down, there's a new sheriff in town and his team name is Botany Bay and we are of superior breeding and will win all of the challenges. RubiKKKHHHHAAANNN!!!!
  10. the windshield was replaced....gotta get the tint and lettering redone soon. hhhmmm, maybe an offroad passport banner......
  11. I went with the Patriot Series Tube slider. Had to do some minor pinch weld realignment before they would fit but they seem pretty stout.
  12. Rotated my tires, replaced my onboard compressor steel braided hose, and installed new rock slides from Rockhard 4x4. It is a never ending build……Just Empty Every Pocket…lol
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