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  1. Hmmm, thanks for the insights on the Easyguard system. I'll look into this more as I am very interested in PKE and push to start. A latching push button (on - off - on) instead of a momentary (on - off) would work and would solve all the issues you brought to my attention but I would have to make it "muscle memory" to push the button again (off) when I leave the vehicle.... Lots of great insight, thanks! I'll think about this more and maybe look at different products as well.
  2. It looks like the RAMPAGE metal replacement handles could be modified easily as they are hollow and have removeable undersides. the wires could be ran through the extra space in the factory large circle hole. Only need to mount an unobtrusive mometary switch inside the handle that would be accessable from the topside of the handle through a hole drilled for it. Thoughts?
  3. I love this whole PKE and Push Button Start. I miss both of these features from my old car. I am not keen on the walk up to the car PKE idea though. I walk by my car a bunch of times at home or work and I don't want it locking and unlocking all the time. I was thinking of doing this more like OEM by having a momentary button on the door handle that interupts the PKE antenna and when pushing the button the circuit is connected and the PKE antenna "sees" the key fob in your picket and unlocks the door. Locking the door would be like OEM and a button would have to be pushed on the remote or locking the doors once you are exiting the vehicle. THere are inserts that go into the JK handles that have round holes in them and one of those holes could be modified on the back to hold the button (the hole closest to the door open push button already there would be my choice. the back could be milled or hollowed out to run the wire that interupts the PKE antenna and then a discreet hole somewhere in the handle would be needed to run wires into the door. THere are also door handle comlete covers that could be utilized as a way of mounting a button and hiding the wires. In your opinion do you think an antenna "interupt" button would work as i envision it?
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