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  1. I would love to go out there again But I am going to see my grandson play basketball tomorrow ...Just camped in cove 3 maybe 4 i don't know a few weekends ago :-)
  2. That cove is the best one , nice sand beach with lots of shade trees , great place to camp and swim and not a lot of people or trash :-)
  3. We did a run out there today.. the trail is now graded all the way to the mine but the boulder field in the creek after that is still technical and washed out . The switch backs have not been graded so we turned around in the creek and came out the way we came in
  4. Awesome Pics Scott ! if i remember right we didn't go down the chute that day .
  5. Hello back ...i was one of the guys talking to you about your Pinzgauer . that rig is awesome
  6. That would be me with that super awesome ORP decal ....TM looked great after the clean up ..Great job to all !!
  7. Thanks guys .. I had a great day
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