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  1. Congrats on the new house Clifford and #7 look right at home
  2. I am glad the rain held off for you all on Friday ..I should have gone with you and not stayed home and painted the kitchen ! Great pics Thanks
  3. Looks like rain and mud . Take me off the list please . see you all on the next trip .......
  4. Thanks Jim for leading . We had a great time ! The Pics turned out great . it would be nice to just park somewhere out there and hike along the top of the canyon for the day .
  5. Home safe and sound ...Thanks so much for the 'splorin' trip i had a good time
  6. I wish i could make it this year ...and eat up all that hot salsa again ... Have fun all and stay safe
  7. I had pucker factor going on right here in my computer chair on some of those pics
  8. Great Job to the both of you . And great pics Sandbagging is some hard work ..Had to do it in North Dakota from the flood of the red river of the north back in the 90's. Daisy chain is the only way to go
  9. I went down and bought a Sears Diehard Platinum $200.00 it has a 4 year free replacement and after that it is 4 years pro rate so total of 8 year warranty ! I went to the casino to lose all my money and left my headlights on for 8 hours Cranked it over and started right up ...i believe that the battery is made by Odyssey with Diehard name ??
  10. Thanks much Everyone Just returned from camping on the backroad to Crown King and it is now graded like a forest road all the way to the lunch spot (large open creek area) were we camped !! no rocks no boulders no nothing ....all i said all the way there was WOW !!!
  11. My Jeep is back in action Talked to Teraflex on tuesday and recieved the new track bar on thursday... That was some fast shipping ..........Installed and ready to go ..
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