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  1. I have a question ...Will my 4x4 chevy truck make this run ?? My Jeep is out of order till i get my new track bar . Teraflex was kind enough to send me a new one for free i do not think it will be here in time for the party ..
  2. Great pics !! Thanks to you all.. I had a great time
  3. Jeep is back in action Shock shifters are welded up and install is complete ...See you all soon
  4. Has anyone been to the lava tube outside of Flag ? I was thinking of going up earlier friday morning and go check it out. Anyone want to join me ?
  5. My jeep finally lost its lower shock mount on CK last weekend . so i ordered the Nth degree shock shifters . I am hoping that they will be at my house in time for the installation before the trip but if not i will bring my truck up ....so i will be there either way See you all friday afternoon ... Cant wait to get out of this furnace !!
  6. I put mine back in the bag a few times and it fits well, it took me about 2 minutes to take it down myself and put it back in the bag
  7. I just bought the instant tent a month ago and used it once so far ..Its great to be able to set it up so quick and it has very large windows on 3 sides , great for air flow and it fits back in the bag it came out of Great buy for sure !
  8. Great Pics ....and like always a great write up .....Thanks
  9. Great Pics .... i wish i could have made it
  10. Looks like gopher for dinner tonight
  11. Thats a regular smorgasbord in the nest .....A dead rabbit , a crow, a Fish and cant tell but looks like cat legs ? ...Good eatin Boy
  12. Thank You Karen.... Hope to see you on the trail someday
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