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  1. I will be there just for the expo ...no dust run for me tomorrow
  2. Thanks everyone your all so kind I went Gold panning and camping for my B day and had a great time ! I also found ALOT of color in my pan can you say Honey Hole
  3. I like this pic of George spoting that rock Clifford looks Great makes me miss my old Cherokee
  4. Thats one good looking Pic of Clifford I Wish I could attend...Have fun out there
  5. Got home at 2:30 pm I had a wonderful time ...Thanks everyone good to meet you all ....And thank you Diane for all your hard work putting this together and thanks for the "Butt Coals" it was a warming experience See ya all on the next adventure
  6. Picked up a 5 gallon plastic fuel can today Have fun on the pre run and ill see ya all friday evening Rain or Shine or Rain..........
  7. Thanks D... im thinking i should be fine with the extra 2 gallons plus i will top off at that marine base . seems to be the closest to the Afton rd. See ya all on friday at the camp ground
  8. I just found a crack in my tire carrier which also happens to be my fuel can holder (two five gallon) so i had to remove it and put the stock one back on .....My question is i only have a 2 gallon gas can that will fit inside the jeep do you all think that will be enough ?? i get about 15 miles per gallon with a 19 gallon tank with the trail being 140 miles ...i should be ok with 2 extra gallons ??
  9. Thats Awesome ! Even better when you find out at the end it was a girl
  10. Yes the avi has a gas station and you can buy Fuel, Beer .Smokes and fireworks there I will be staying sunday night at the Avi.. rooms are $21 per night ....and all you can eat buffet is $10.99 so a great price to eat shower and sleep after the trail and head back to Phoenix monday morning
  11. If its anything like the control arm bushings ?? when i did my CA bushings i used a sawzall and cut the inside of the metal sleeve almost all the way through then took a punch and bent it up where the cut was it broke at the cut and it poped right out ...it relieved the pressure on the metal sleeve
  12. I have a set of D35 C Clip axle shafts laying around you can have a set for free ........im in north Phx if ya want them (six o two seven 5 seven 7 O 7 five John......
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