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  1. This morning was like a Jeep show. There were 3 or 4? brand new with paper plates. Good to see them being put to proper use right away! Great to run with old friends and new. An awesome way to spend the day. Thanks guys.
  2. RandyT


    Hi, right now I am running an Icom IC7000, with a Tarheel screwdriver for mobile HF. APRS with a Kenwood D700. Fun stuff! I go out alone a lot and am never out of reach.
  3. RandyT


    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. RandyT


    Hi, my name is Randy. I have been active in the VJC for many years. I had a lifted TJ, sold it, now i have an FJ, stock for now. Would like to do more exploring. I am sure I know a few of you guys. I am also a ham radio op, KC0NNT. See you on the trail.
  5. Oh man, I am so sad to see this. What a bummer.
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