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    Former Marine and spent a lot of time out in the mountains and desert, I drove tanks and random vehicles out in the field pretty regularly. 14yo daughter and a job I love!

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  1. Hey y'all, I'm going to be out for this one, not feeling well (not the rona...). Sorry for the late notice, I was hoping I'd feel better.
  2. Hey folks l king forward to meeting you! We will meet you at the trailhead in the morning.
  3. Hi Everyone! Meet Sere (Sarah) or Serendipity, it's so fitting given how I found and bought this thing... And all the random and awesome stories I've gotten since. Steve was a close second for sure haha I don't have an official name for this beast, but it's a Sting Gray 2020 Unlimited Rubicon Recon. Recon added all the options I was looking for like AUX switches, upgraded electrical, etc... and I get pretty red seat belts and nice seat and dash leather with stitching. The decals are cool too Engine: 2.0L I4 DOHC DI Turbo eTorque Engine Transmission: 8–Speed Automatic 850RE Transmission 4:1 Rock–Trac® Heavy–Duty Part–Time 4WD System Tru–Lok Front and Rear Axles Dana M210 Wide Front Axle Dana M220 Wide Rear Axle 33" Offroad tires on 17" rims Pretty much ready to rock out the door. I've managed to collect most of my recovery gear and comms. I have the winch (Mopar version WARN Zeon 8S Winch With 3/8 Inch Diameter Synthetic rope) ordered with the roof liner, those will be in shortly. I mounted the 48" Hi-Lift Jack on Hauk hood mounts. I added a Hooke Road Cargo Cover Basket Rack. It says hard top only in one of the ads, but I strongly believe it's fine without. It mounts to the piers and the cargo net is very sturdy. The height is really good for using it as a security cover for the lower compartment with the top off. I'll update this with pics and more info Promise!
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