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    Former Marine and spent a lot of time out in the mountains and desert, I drove tanks and random vehicles out in the field pretty regularly. 14yo daughter and a job I love!

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  1. @theksmith pleeeasssse don’t hate me. I’m going back to San Diego this Sunday… so I’m officially bowing out on this one.
  2. Definitely put me on the interested list. I'll bring my 8" Meade scope if people are interested. By then I may have a solar scope too
  3. Thanks @theksmith for another fun run! The mud bogging was hilarious, so glad I don't have a HOA Great to see or meet y'all!
  4. Woodchute OHV Trail on AllTrails https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/woodchute-ohv-trail-1e8eec0?p=-1 not sure if this will work but this was the last time I ran this one. fun trail, didn’t seem like it gets a ton of use or grooming.
  5. Hey, Add me to that tentative list for sure, I'm still stock lift and 33s so I'd need to upgrade to run this. I'll look around and see if there are other trails in the area. I'm definitely not going to be able to drag the Opus on that run hahahaha
  6. Not gonna lie, it's pretty amazing.
  7. Thanks @grayson05, I really love it. There's room for fire extinguisher, tire repair kit, inflate o flat super!, a jack block, both traction boards, jumper cables, first aid kit, a couple of pack blankets, some light sticks, and 2 REI camp chairs Sucker is loaded, oh I put the control module for the winch in there too. There's probably some other crap hiding in there now too.
  8. Great meeting you Al! Glad you got home safely and it was our pleasure, happy you enjoyed! Also, great meeting Rene, Janeth and the tribe Great spot work Kris!
  9. This is awesome, I can't wait! Should be at Home Depot by 10 no problem.
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