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  1. Hey everyone, I truly do not want to, but I’m out for at least another 4-6 weeks according to the doctor, so I’ll have to miss this. I think I was on the hook for buns, so hopefully someone can grab those. Thanks and sorry for the late notice. Happy New Year and hope to see you in Feb or March!
  2. Brother I wish. I was at urgent care yesterday and I’m doped up and stationary. I would swap this for a weekend of Jeeping any dang day.
  3. Can I be standby for this one? I’m likely going to be there that weekend anyway.
  4. I’m seriously considering it, but heard the on-site camping might suck. I don’t want to be too far away, wondering if I get there early I might get a spot off to the side. The park there is really cool.
  5. And just like that… have to withdraw. literally geared up, hooked up, and pointed at the freeway and I see an oil puddle in the garage. I just got it back from having the rear end replaced. The rear locker and sensor had issues. I have to guess that or the oil change didn’t go as planned, but I see fresh oil on the bottom, not sure where it’s coming from. Dang!!!!!!
  6. Hey there! Late to the party, but I just finished prepping both Firefly and my Opus2, they are loaded and I was thinking of hitting the Rim. We will meet you all for coffee, I’m thinking your ride will be a blast if we can find a good camp site near the end. I’ll be looking tonight! sign us up!
  7. I got you brother! Mustard ketchup mayo relish and or pickles? Yellow and spicy mustard. I’ll bring like 4 bags of ice with that. @Stacey and Scott fyi
  8. Hey y’all! Hope it was a Merry Christmas for you and this year is off to a solid start! I’m in +1 adult. 2 gifts, I may make cookies but I’m having some non Covid health issues that might hold me back. im happy to bring whatever but the list looks pretty full except ice? I can load up my ARB fridge/freezer and a couple coolers? if there’s something else you’d rather I bring just lmk in the final accounting 👍🏼
  9. I’ll drag my daughter. She needs to start coming out more!
  10. @theksmith pleeeasssse don’t hate me. I’m going back to San Diego this Sunday… so I’m officially bowing out on this one.
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