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  1. We would like that even better:) Sorry of course to the folks that were planning on the campground- this Covid thing has changed the world in the worst way. I'll sign up once i confirm with the wife and have the details...thanks for the confirmation on my replies.
  2. Thank you- I saw the Geode trip and Payson is one of our favorite places, we love the big pines and cool weather. Your comment about too hot is spot on- I find we have to go pretty far in the summer (Show Low, Payson, and Alpine way) and 4-5 hour trips for an overnight are tough. I think next year I won't run the RTT until fall as we dont camp as much in the summer, maybe a ground tent and save the weight on those long explorations... Thanks for the tips on navigating the site- I hope I'm replying to the entire thread but am not sure? I'm constantly looking for clubs in our area, and while I would entertain the idea of starting one, I'm too new to AZ- heck, flash floods and creepy crawlies are completely new to our New England upbringing:)
  3. Thanks! It's a 2011 JKU, the 3.8 but there's a RIPP supercharger in my not too distant future, as the 130HP and roughly same Torque will help as I keep adding goodies and run all year with the RTT. The awning is a Rhino Batwing- we love it. It's a 270 degree awning and pretty lightweight. I like that I get notifications for threads, and HOPE I'm replying the right way, as I'm still learning how to navigate the site. I've got G2 5:13's front and rear which make technical trails pretty easy so far, but the weight up top raised my center of gravity, so I am careful about where we go, and tackle moderate without hesitation- it's the difficult trails we (I) want to go on but can't without others...because getting stranded is not my idea of fun lol.
  4. Thank you! Yeah thats exactly what we're looking for. My wife isn't a fan of the steeps, but she's a trooper- we did Devils staircase and she filmed it thru the roof with her eyes closed lol, the resulting video looked like she had em' closed too:) Our kids are grown and now its just us and the two dogs who love to get out. It's nice to hear you enjoy the group- I did see the Gala trip- campground right? Thanks for the thread suggestion...I do have a ton of pics and more than anything I love to show people how easy it is to make the stuff I made. Some we bought, like the fridge, etc..but the slideout and tailgate table, HAM mount, etc..can all be made and save hundreds of dollars. It can get expensive as you know.
  5. Hi there- and thanks for a site that allows us to connect with fellow Jeepers and Overlanders. We're new to Arizona, and have been overlanding for about a year, starting with sleeping in the back of the Jeep (ouch), then tent camping, and finally to where we are now with a RTT, a refrigerator, stove, solar and so on. Every couple of weekends a month we like to get out and explore but steer clear of any difficult terrain, as going alone can end in disaster...so we'd love to find others as passionate about the outdoors as we are. We love getting away, and enjoying the solitude of the varying terrain here in AZ! We're still navigating the site so hopefully i posted this in the right spot:) Any hints about the site, or trips, please hit us up- we'd love to get connected!- BillandPam
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