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  1. I thought it would be fun to start off Marty's run with a little "sexy flexy" action but alas, I don't think the rock was quite big enough...
  2. Sarah grabbed a pic and vid of the blue woodpeckers, they are a little hard to make out but you can see them.
  3. Well, this air mattress turned out to be a big piece of ! Aired it up when we set up camp, several hours later it was still full and I even attached the pump just to make sure, now all good to go. Made sure the cap was on nice and tight and then crawled in and laid down for the night. Within 10-15 minutes the mattress was deflated and I ended up trying to sleep (barely got any shut eye) on the hard floor of my rig, very upset and disappointed! Update: Maybe not a pile of crap after all. Inflated it, I laid on it for a minute then had the twins lay on it together for a few minutes and it doesn't appear to be losing air, then I laid on it again for about 10 mins and no air loss. Now it's a big mystery... The only thing I can think of is the valve caps weren't air tight because I didn't push the valve inside the mattress. With it sticking out it was up against the door which I think put pressure on the valve causing it to deform a bit resulting in a slow leak. Lesson learned, next time make sure the valve is pushed in AND bring my small tent with my queen size 22" tall air mattress that I KNOW works very well.
  4. Reminds me of when I replaced my shocks, the rear lower rubber bushings doing the same and one of the metal tubes inside the bushing was broken into several pieces.
  5. EPIC views! I agree, just awesome! Some other views, just after stopping for lunch on Sat. I looked up in the sky and behold... A BALD EAGLE FLYING OVER US! Now that was an awesome site to see! Then on Sun. I watched a large squirrel dart from the side of the trail and run completely under Al's rig to the other side without getting hit! We weren't going slow either, trucking along at about 20-25 mph when this "stunt squirrel" pulled that maneuver, lol! And this was a large squirrel, not like the small ground squirrels like what we have around here in the valley. As we were going down Rim Rd. I saw a black tarantula walking across the road, I was amazed it didn't get squashed by one of the 4 rigs ahead of me, I was able to drift to the right a bit to avoid hitting it, but... Not sure it survived after Sarah's beastly rig came along. When we reached the air up/reconnect spot I noticed what sounded like gunshots way off in the distance, after a bit I started seeing woodpeckers and realized that was the "gunshots" I thought I heard, lol! Most of the woodpeckers were the more common black/white/red ones but there were a couple/few of the bigger blues ones, another awesome site to see!
  6. Got home a few mins ago, 1 hour 10 minutes later than normal as there was a semi truck fire on the I-17, so much fun sitting in the I-17 parking lot for over an hour... Great trip, nice to see new faces and familiar ones, thanks again for putting this together Marty!
  7. We have about 99% of everything packed and ready to go. Just a couple/few things to pack in the morning and then we hit the road for our first overlanding trip!
  8. Signed myself and my wife's name. When I looked at that last night I didn't realize it was a petition.
  9. Maybe the guy was talking about something else or just bullshitting me to give me piece of mind or something, who knows. This was literally a year ago, I don't remember everything exactly. I will say this guy was very knowledgeable, been owning/renting trailers for years.
  10. That's a letter to Governor Douchebag, I mean Ducey. Not a good idea for me to write a letter to that scum bag piece of , lol! I would love to see that opened back up though!
  11. April 1st through Dec. 15th is when it's "typically open" according to trailsoffroad.com. Being my run is in early Nov. I think we'll be fine.
  12. Hey Bill, your rig looks a little different compared to what it looked like while running Marty's Montana Loop trip. Very nice!
  13. Marty, quick FYI since I didn't see anyone post about your GPX files, everything looks good! I just added them to my Gaia and there's tons of way points with info and the full map you laid out shows up nicely.
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