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  1. Depending on when we arrive at Sheep Bridge will determine how long I'll stay, I'm thinking at least an hour, if we arrive early enough I'll stay longer.
  2. Today's run went off without a hitch, well, there's was almost a hitch with me trying to traverse over a large bolder as you'll see in the last video. I will say that there are some sections I would rate as a 4, trailsoffroad.com rates this entire trail as a solid 3. We completed the run in 2 hours 20 minutes including a couple of short pit stops, a good hour less than expected. We all had a great time and enjoyed this run. After re-gearing, 35" tires and a locker I will definitely be running this trail again and completing at least the widow maker, the boulder I'll have to think about, lol! Thanks again to @gearhead and @T and A for tagging along and putting their trust in me to lead being this is only my 2nd time leading. LINK TO PICS/VIDS
  3. @T and A, as per our discussion this morning I added y'all to the list, let me know if anything changes, thanks!
  4. What a cool run today, a few ass pucker moments and then some, lol! Thanks to @T and A and @gearhead for tagging along! Trip report and photo thread coming soon.
  5. You can also have normal wood campfires but only in designated camping areas with fire rings/pits. Something you wouldn't find with dispersed camping unfortunately. Can you tell I'm still learning about all this stuff? I'm sure some of y'all are reading my posts thinking "duh, no shit Sherlock", you'll have to excuse my ignorance... LMAO!
  6. I thought ALL camp fire were not allowed. I just read, and if I understand correctly, with stage one restrictions LPG stoves, ovens and fire rings are still okay.
  7. Freya doesn't have any battle scars, a goddess of war, among other things, should have some battle scars! We need to get that goddess out on the trails, get some scars and earn that goddess title... LMAO!
  8. Kinda bad news for all dispersed campers, stage one fire restrictions go into affect Friday May 4th, 2021 until Tuesday August 31st, 2021 unless the restriction gets lifted sooner. It remains to be seen if they'll still be in affect by the weekend of the Mormon Lake run, will update as needed if anything changes.
  9. The runs I set up are fairly easy for the most part, the moderate sections aren't bad so you'll be fine with your rigs set up.
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