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  1. I decided to include the magnetic mount antenna that came with my new Midland GMRS radio with the rest of the equipment, asking $15. Link to see antenna: MXTA13 Antenna Package deal would be $45.
  2. What happens if it's raining the weekend of the Gala? With the active monsoon AZ is having this year and the monsoon doesn't officially end until Sep. 30th rain/storms will be more of a concern to us tent campers.
  3. We'll be bringing the following veggies for the dip contest. Cucumbers Carrots Celery Cherry/grape tomatoes Red bell pepper
  4. Here's the deal, I'm having issues with no volume control and the volume being so low I can't hear my radio unless I hold the speaker mic next to my ear. Upgrading to a GMRS radio so my Baofeng and extras are up for grabs. Now I'm selling the extras, the radio itself is included for free as it needs to be fixed or used somewhere without a bunch of background noise like while out running trails. Each item has a link to Amazon where I purchased everything. Replacement power/volume control switches can be easily purchased as low as $5. Battery eliminator - Asking $15 Speaker mic - Asking $16 Nagoya SMA adapter - Asking $5 Baofeng UV-5R5 - Free (Squelch has been adjusted to best quality) Willing to sell the parts separately but prefer to sell as a package deal, package deal would be $45 for everything! The Nagoya magnetic mount antenna I'm keeping. The regular antenna that came on the radio is included with it. I also have the box with instructions, headset (new, never used) and strap (new, never used) to go with it. I do not have the battery or charger.
  5. That's a nice rig in the background that helps make Gadget look good... LMAO!
  6. Great presentation this morning, thanks for doing this Ryan. FYI, not sure what happened but I was NOT muted yet nobody could here me.
  7. I was thinking I should get a head count to make sure there will be enough donuts to go around. I know there are 7 rigs but don't know how many people per rig.
  8. Are we airing down/disconnecting at the meet up location? Anyone want donuts? I was thinking of picking some up.
  9. That is so AWESOME for y'all!
  10. Funny thing, yesterday I mentioned to Sarah that I need to learn more about Gaia and I was thinking about asking @4x4tographer to help me. Low and behold, look at what he's doing. Ryan must be a mind reader, as I mentioned before, the Force is strong in him...
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