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  1. Happy gobble gobble day! Great pic! Gobble gobble until you wobble wobble!
  2. Needless to say, lol, sign us up, Sarah is looking forward to this one. Great video by the way...
  3. I was thinking the same thing when they talked about it on the news tonight.
  4. Actually your descriptive skills are spot on, I knew exactly what you meant.
  5. Something else I remembered this morning is that it's actually not good to let a vehicle sit for long periods of time. It's suggested that if a vehicle is going to sit it should be driven a minimum of once a week for at least 15 mins., maybe even 20-30 mins. With the pandemic going on and people working from home I've seen stories on the news talking about that as people are not driving as much.
  6. Thanks for that info, good to know. I'll check that out on mine and zip tie it as well to help keep it from moving if it has slop and also make sure there's no cracking.
  7. Something to consider next time your rig might sit for an extended period of time. Jack it up and put jack stands under the frame or somewhere else that allows the weight of the vehicle to be off of the tires, so the tires are off the ground. Seems like a hassle, I know, just thought I'd throw that idea out there.
  8. Now it's time to get her dirty and some AZ pin striping as initiation.
  9. Y'all know what Jeep stands for (according to my neighbor), right? J: just E: empty E: every P: pocket
  10. Did a post CK run inspection and the only thing I found was a couple/few scratches on the gas tank skid plate from skidding on the very last obstacle. @lofreqjeff noticed some drippings on the front diff coming from the engine bay during the run, @4x4tographer and I were looking around to see where it was coming from while airing up just before hitting the I17 to head home and couldn't really pin point where it was coming from. During my inspection I discovered it was coolant, the radiator overflow tank has a spigot right above that area and all the bouncing and thrashing around on the trail was causing coolant in the tank to slosh around and spill out of the spigot every once in a while. The tank is still about half full but I can tell it's not as full as a couple weeks ago as a result of the sloshing and spillage. Applied some decals after completing the inspection.
  11. Sarah bought HD cameras from Costco similar to "GoPro" called "Explore One", mounted one on the dash of my rig and took 9 videos of the CK run. Watched them this morning and ALL of the videos turned out like complete ! Soooo, needless to say those cams will be returned to Costco. Figure I'll buy a mount for my cell phone and take videos with that instead.
  12. Awesome run today, had a great time and looking forward to the next run!
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