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  1. I pulled the trigger and built 2 sets of these trailer hitch mounted offroad reverse lights, they are available for purchase at $85 each. I wanted to offer them here before I post on Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, etc.
  2. I've seen new Baofengs with frequency restrictions so the cheap ones are being built like that now. Last month a member brought his new Baofeng and wasn't able to broadcast on 462.700 (channel 21 on GMRS), he could only listen. Later on he messaged me and let me know he learned it had restrictions built in, initially I though he got a bad radio.
  3. What a bummer! We're going to miss the snow by a week! Snowing in Prescott today, next weekend the weather is going to be partly cloudy and cold.
  4. Sarah wanted offroad lights for doing the occasional night run but didn't want anything permanently mounted to her rig so I came up with the idea of magnet mounted lights. They have a Tamiya style plug so they can be easily disconnected and stored when not in use. I'm offering to make sets of these light and selling them to those who want the option of lights for night runs without permanent installation. I'll have 2 different sets available, a 54 watt set for $85 and a 72 watt set for $90. The dual magnet base is very strong, I put them on my fridge to test the strength and when I went to remove them I had to hold my fridge in place with my foot! Here are the 72 watt (36 watts each) lights used for the $90 set. These are the ones featured on Sarah's rig. Here are the 54 watt (27 watts each) lights used for the $85 set. I have 4 of these lights (non magnet mounted) on my rig and these are the same lights used for the trailer hitch reverse lights I'm selling here. Sarah's rig featuring the 72 watt set. The Tamiya style plug used for easy disconnect when ready to store away. Magnetic base with soft rubber cover to protect the vehicles paint, measures 7.5" long and 3.4" wide. These are built to order and require a $40 non refundable deposit. Cash, Venmo, Zelle & Apple Pay are the forms of payment accepted and you will get a receipt, all sales are final. I can deliver to you at no extra charge or bring along to a run for delivery. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask. Turn around time 7-10 days with delivery.
  5. Please join us for another epic adventure of off roading fun! This run will encompass 4 trails, 2 of which are short out and back runs connected to Mineral Mtn. Rd. EVENT DETAILS & SIGN UP COMING SOON
  6. That's a bummer, sorry to hear you're sick, hopefully you pull through without too many symptoms. The GPX for this run is available on trailsoffroad.com, that's where I'm getting my GPX.
  7. I ran this trail last year on Easter weekend (Saturday before Easter) and had a great time, it was my first time leading a run. This trail offers some fun technical sections, ass pucker moments and great scenery. After running it last year I decided I would make this an annual event and run it every year on Easter weekend. EVENT DETAILS & SIGN UP COMING SOON
  8. Richard, unfortunately you aren't able to go on either of those runs, they are "club" member only runs and you are a "supporting" member. If you notice Kristoffer stated "Please note these are Offroad Passport Club members-only events".
  9. Still have this mattress, smoke'n hot deal for ORP members and perfect for the upcoming overland runs. I might be a little negotiable on the $150 price for a quick CASH sale, thanks!
  10. Also, we're a great group of folks, very friendly and are MORE than happy to give you or anyone a spot if you're not sure. Always glad to help others!
  11. @4x4tographer posted this last week: "As for the trail, 95% of it is easy (ran it in Summer of 2021). There is a brief 100-200ft section on Poland Road that is moderate with some small rock ledges and boulders to navigate around.". I've never run this this trail so it will be new to me, I'm thinking you'll be fine. There's also trailsoffroad.com where you can read about the trails and see pics as well.
  12. Mine expired Dec. 22nd, Sarah mentioned she got an email reminder as well. We waited a couple weeks to buy new ones as we didn't need them quite yet.
  13. Fresh gas for sure, check fluid levels (oil, coolant, etc.) and even consider turning the engine over by hand (I know, pain in the ass). Make sure it turns over without any issues/trouble, that'll also get the oil pump moving oil throughout the engine and get everything "primed" for the actual start up. If not turning over by hand disconnect the coil or something else so there's no spark and just crank the starter for a bit to get the same result, getting oil moving throughout. When an engine sits for a long period of time just about every drop of oil makes it way back into the oil pan. Always good to have some oil pumped up to all the moving parts that need it after a long period of sitting dormant.
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