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  1. Figured I'd bump this one time before posting on Craigslist.
  2. You know, the ONE... Matrix
  3. That is actually pretty normal and one of the reasons manufacturers put magnets on the plugs. Back in the day when I worked at quick lube places it was more normal to see all those metal shavings on the plugs than to not see any.
  4. WTF... Somebody really butchered that stuff...
  5. Obviously someone who doesn't know what they're doing changed the oil last on Fiona. I guarantee whoever did the oil change last time didn't lube the o ring on the oil filter. Being that I worked at quick lube shops in the past that was something I'd come across every so often. I remember times where I had to basically stab a large/long screwdriver through the oil filter in order to get enough grip/torque to unscrew it. Usually at that point the filter is already crushed from using various oil filter wrenches with no success. Some people should accept the fact they shouldn't be working on cars...
  6. NICE! Glad to hear everything turned out good with your new shocks.
  7. True, they can't take the weight of a vehicle if you needed to use them as a "bridge" so to speak.
  8. Sarah found some of those type of boards a couple/few months back, they're definitely interesting.
  9. I was also going to say my rig has relocation brackets and it doesn't appear my lines have been bent other than the factory bends. That's kinda the reason for the relocation brackets, so you don't have to modify anything like bending the tubes. But there could be situations like yours where you need a little modification...
  10. There are pipe/tube bending tools for brake lines: example. I'm sure any auto parts store, Home Depot, Harbor Fright, etc., will have a good selection to choose from.
  11. That is a bit sketchy, be VERY careful, bend it too much and it'll kink/pinch...
  12. Join me for another fun day of off roading. Running 2 trails in one day, Cave Creek to Sheep Bridge then New River Canyon. SIGN UP HERE
  13. Cave Creek to Sheep Bridge near Carefree, AZ: Join me for another fun day of off roading. This is a leisurely 42-mile (one way) ride from Cave Creek heading roughly north on Cave Creek Road (FR 24), more or less parallel to the Rio Verde River. This road is the main thoroughfare road that is the kick-off point for dozens of trails and lots of opportunities for adventure. The goal is to get to the historic Sheep Bridge over the Rio Verde. This trail is a fairly easy dirt road for most of the way but the last 8 miles down into the Verde River are a long, rough, bumpy ride. Most stock SUVs would be able to make it to the bridge but high clearance is recommended. There are many water crossings that are usually dry along the way, but in rainy conditions this trail should be avoided. Also, this is a very remote area and if you break down it is a very long distance back out to civilization. Once you reach the Sheep's Bridge area there are lots of fun adventures to keep you busy. In the mass of reeds on the north side of the river bend by the foot bridge there is a hidden hot springs to warm up on winter days. On the ridge line peak to the NW there are the native american ruins to explore. There are ample opportunities for hiking the Verde River and it's a popular swimming hole in the warm summer months. There are also many opportunities to fish. New River Canyon near New River, AZ: Connecting Table Mesa Road and FR 24, FR 41 can be a quick 19 mile trip or a full blown all day adventure if you take all the side roads and connecting trails. The beautiful landscape of the Tonto Forrest is top notch as you follow the trail through and over the mountains. Most of the trail is a calm, sandy and rocky road, but there are a few spots where four-wheel-drive may be required. While the river bed is dry most of the year, a heavy rain can change the difficulty drastically with the dried mud holes turning into sloppy mud pits and the river crossing rising to a couple feet deep. Overall, this uncommonly traveled trail is a must do if you're around the Phoenix area and enjoy getting away from everything and enjoying the incredible scenery. Technical Rating for both trails: 3 (MODERATE) More info/pics here: trailsoffroad.com - Cave Creek to Sheep Bridge More info/pics here: trailsoffroad.com - New River Canyon REQUIREMENTS: A high clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front & rear recovery point, aggressive 30"+ or larger A/T or M/T tires. Recommend aftermarket skid plates, rock rails and sway-bar disconnects Ham radio on 462.700 Mhz GMRS channel 21 Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seatbelts, lights, etc.) A State Trust Land permit is required Itinerary: This will be a bit of a long run (estimated 86-88 miles) taking most of the day (estimated 8-10 hours) so getting started early is important. We'll run north on Cave Creek Rd. to Bloody Basin Rd., then to Sheep Bridge via Bloody Basin Rd., then back the way we came until we get to New River Canyon. At that point we'll head west on New River Canyon until we get to a dirt lot on Table Mesa Rd. at the I-17 Meet up time will be 7am, depart by 7:30am. Meet up spot will be where Seven Springs Rd. turns from pavement to dirt: Map Gas up beforehand, 1 full tank should be plenty, I think, but it would be a good idea to bring extra. There's a Shell in Cave Creek 11 miles from the meet up spot: Shell gas station Additional Info: Pack a lunch and snacks Bring plenty of water for yourself and your guests A chair A camera, etc. Sign-Up limited to 6 rigs: 1- @Trail Toy Leading 2- @Stacey and Scott Reply to this thread and I'll add you to the list, thanks!
  14. I've officially pulled the trigger, mounting parts from Carolina Metal Mashers and RAM have been ordered. I decided to go with the 8th gen Apple 10.2" iPad for my tablet, ordered from Best Buy with free shipping.
  15. Ryan and his Jeep Jedi mind trick... The force runs strong in that one...
  16. I'VE MADE MY DECISION! I found this from Carolina Metal Mashers, I can still utilize the mounting location I want and not worry about the plastic OEM handle bar giving me issues.
  17. UHG! Damn it Ryan, you got me 2nd guessing myself, LMAO! I now see RAM has a lifetime warranty on their stuff, which is nice. Just got off the phone with Scott and he's got me thinking about going a different rout. The more I think about it, mounting something to that handlebar right above the glove box doesn't seem that good of an idea anymore. I think I'm going to listen to y'all, spend more $ than I want and get the good stuff that I know will be better in the long run.
  18. The reviews show semi truck drivers and side by side drivers using and liking this mount. We all know how bouncy those things are which is why I'm willing to give this one a shot. Plus the 67Designs, Ram, Vector, etc., are so damn expensive. The base plate/ball for the one I'm looking at is aluminum and the rest of it is plastic. Also, this is Prime with free returns so if it doesn't work out the way I want I can return it. It will also sit low enough not to interfere with the air bag if it were to go off.
  19. I found this on Amazon, I think this will work perfect for me. I'll bolt it to the grab bar, as far to the left as possible, that sits just above the glove box and my tablet will be just to the right of my center dash area where the window and ac/heater controls are. Plenty of room there and won't get in my way plus it'll be easy to reach with my long arms.
  20. I really like the A-pillar mount idea but as mentioned I have grab bars mounted there now and I need those bars to sling my fat ass into my rig...
  21. It's a JEEP! It's not supposed to look pretty, it's supposed look all beat/scratched up and dirty, kinda like mine, LMFAO!
  22. I have grab bars mounted on my A-pillar so that mounting place is not an option. Tomorrow I'm going to go out and sit in my rig with my old Amazon Fire tablet and place it in different areas to get an idea of what might work for me. Thanks all for your input, I greatly appreciate all your help!
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