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  1. Totally bad ass rig! Although it seems more like a short course/trophy truck with a JK body, lol!
  2. I ordered the TeraFlex Upper Stud Frame Bracket Kit knowing that the 5/8" stud might not work with my links, turns out they're too big. I took it upon myself to drill out the threaded hole where the studs mount so my quick disconnect clevis pins will fit. No more zip ties, works perfect! Driver side bracket. Passenger side bracket.
  3. Today is also my twin girls 10th b-day.
  4. True that but he still has his BaoFeng as back up and when he sells the CB he'll have some cash to put into something else for his rig.
  5. Yes indeed, quite genius and very entertaining.
  6. Welcome to Off Road Passport, hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. Today my battery eliminator for my BaoFeng radio was delivered, no more relying on the battery and full power all the time!
  8. Too many people these days are just plain lazy, rude, inconsiderate, self centered, etc. Our family has never been to any of these camp areas and now it'll be a long time before we can.
  9. I'm thinking the same now that I have that external antenna. My radio seems better after using my new antenna but I'm sure there's room for improvement by adjusting the squelch. Since I have the exact same radio as Ryan maybe I can sweet talk him into setting mine up for me, hint, hint... Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Say no more. LOL!
  10. I'm glad you mentioned that! I completely forgot that I actually did zip tie the connectors together before using the electrical tape.
  11. Today I installed both front wheel spacers and both Metal Cloak front lower shock relocation brackets, I'll install the rear wheel spacers tomorrow. Fairly basic stuff, little more work than I expected but no big deal. I'm sure I figured out why my driver side shock was rubbing, the lower rubber bushing is worn and has a bit of play in it, noticed that while tightening the bolt/nut. The passenger side is fine, no worn bushing or rubbing. Bracket installed. Wheel spacer installed. Damage to shock body, worse than I thought but the shock seems fine. To the right of the shock you can see where it was rubbing on the frame.
  12. Tape, bailing wire, etc. always come in handy for a quick fix. When I installed my new headlights the new plug actually broke the tab that locks the plugs together so I basically did what you did, wrapped a shit ton of electrical tape around the wires up onto the plugs and down onto the other wires to make sure they wouldn't work themselves loose.
  13. When I click on the google photo link it's not working...
  14. Today my new Commountain speaker mic arrived for my ham radio.
  15. It's been a loooooong time since I've done any of that type of work (and it wasn't on a Jeep) but what I remember is when I dropped a transmission I didn't support anything, the engine just stayed put. When I pulled an engine the transmission was supported by a cross member.
  16. Hope all goes well and you get it fixed easily.
  17. LOL! We feel like we should tell you to automatically add us to any run you set up... JOKE! I know, I know, 20,000 comedians out of a job and here I am trying to be funny, well, I'm funny look'n anyway. We'll sign up for this one, looks like a blast, thanks Ryan!
  18. I've been telling people for many years to NEVER go to the dealership for ANYTHING unless it's your only option and you absolutely have to. Many years ago my older brother told me he was always buying his oil filters from the dealership because they told him he had to which was/is a complete bullshit lie. He had no clue about oil filters at the time and I explained how they took advantage of him. Just a couple weeks ago my neighbor told me he was at the dealership a few years back, asked a guy in the service dept. if his truck had any recalls, the guy lied to him and said his truck had none. He asked another guy, a few mins later, who worked in the parts dept. and that guy told him his truck DID have recalls. My neighbor then informed a manager type person about what had just happened. Such douche bag type assholes work at dealerships.
  19. Sedona is such an awesome and BEAUTIFUL place, Sarah and I have have talked about living there in past years. Some years back we went there on a family trip and did the Pink Jeep tour through Broken Arrow, such a blast. The notorious Devil's Staircase in on my bucket list now that I have my rig, can you say jealous? LOL! I want to go both up and down the Devil's Staircase!
  20. Good thing it's covered under warranty! Sounds like there needs to be a recall on this problem.
  21. I did some research on this a couple months ago and restoring your headlights is basically a waste of money. You'll be lucky if you get more than a year to maybe a year and a half out of it before they are hazed over again. I ended up buying new headlights for my JKU from Amazon, there are plenty of DOT approved options out there. You do have to pay close attention though, it can be tricky distinguishing between headlights that are or are not DOT approved. Here's a set I found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V2LVC3N/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Jeep%7C42&Model=Grand+Cherokee%7C349&Year=2012%7C2012&ie=UTF8&newVehicle=1&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive&th=1 Another set on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/ACANII-2011-2013-Headlights-Headlamps-Replacement/dp/B07GX34WN2/ref=sr_1_61?dchild=1&keywords=2012+jeep+grand+cherokee+dot+headlights&qid=1609192535&replacementKeywords=dot+headlights&sr=1-61&vehicle=2012-42-349------------&vehicleName=2012+Jeep+Grand+Cherokee Found more on Amazon from various manufacturers at various prices that are DOT approved.
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