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  1. Shipping available for $15 in the metro Phoenix/Maricopa county area, outside of that will depend on your location, thanks!
  2. This stabilizer mount now available for purchase! Shipping available for $10 in the metro Phoenix/Maricopa county area, outside of that will depend on your location, thanks!
  3. Once again this is a "what I had done" vs. "what did you do", lol! Another great job performed at On Point Performance and Off Road. Had both diff's gear oil changed after the 500 mile break in period and transfer case fluid changed. I had a new Currie Rock Jock heavy duty steering linkage installed, old linkage was bent (drag link & tie rod both) and worn out tie rod ends. Gotta LOVE all the new shiny parts on my front end... Now it's time to get them all dirty!
  4. They don't look like the one you have pictured, the ones Sarah buys look like:
  5. So true, funny thing is I STILL eat these things, Sarah has been buying them recently for the twins and I help myself to one occasionally.
  6. Thanks again Marty for putting this event together, it was VERY nice to get out of Phoenix metro and the heat for the weekend. Had a blast running the trails, seeing the views, mother nature and hanging out with really cool folks. It was nice meeting the new members as well. We got home today at about 12:30pm to a toasty 110 degrees, I pretty much wanted to get right back in the truck and drive back up to the cooler temps... Along with Marty's run we did some fishing at Green Valley Park and the Verde River on Friday and again at the Verde River on Saturday after the run. All total Sarah and I caught 17 bluegill and I caught a new species to me, a small bullhead catfish that was about 7-8 inches.
  7. Well, if the fire ends up cancelling the trail run that just means more time for fishing. Although a trail run would most definitely be fun and missed if it ends up not being doable. Finger crossed the trail run will still be a go this weekend!
  8. Less than a week to go, SOOOOOO ready for this trip! Gonna do some fishing along with running some fun trails.
  9. JK Jeep Wrangler Steering Stabilizer 1.375" Tie Rod Mount. MetalCloak's Tie Rod side mount only. Features Include: Works with 1.375" Stock Tie Rods Easy Installation CAD Formed 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate Gold Zinc Plated All Hardware Included Made in the USA Link to MetalCloaks website for more info: LINK I'm having a new steering linkage system installed on Aug. 1st which come with a stabilizer mount. This one is too small for the new tie rod and I can no longer use it. This mount is in very good condition and will be available for purchase AFTER Aug. 1st. This sells for $47 new, I'm asking $25. Estimated 1000-2000 miles of use.
  10. This kit is engineered to move the lower shock mounts away from the JK Wrangler Jeep frame rails and turn shock eyelets for optimized performance. Features Include: Driver & Passenger Lower Front Shock Mount Brackets Strong 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate Shock Mount Spacers All Necessary Hardware for Installation Gold Zinc Plate Protection Made in the USA After having my new Spicer Dana 44 front axle installed I can no longer use these, the brackets on my new axle are larger/thicker so they don't fit. These are perfect for stock OEM front axles on a JK Wrangler, here's a link to Metal Cloaks website for more info: LINK This kit sells new for $89, I'm asking $50 and my kit is in VERY good condition and complete with all hardware, estimated 7000 miles of use.
  11. This is more of a "what I had done to my rig" vs. "what did you do to your rig". Joe at On Point Performance and Off Road did some awesome work to my rig over the past few days. I bought a new Spicer Dana 44 complete front axle with 5:38 gears and an E locker which he installed. He also rebuilt my rear axle with new bearings, upgraded axle shafts, 5:38 gears and a Detroit locker. I'm still rolling on 33" A/T tires for now but hopefully sooner than later I'll be rolling on 37" M/T tires.
  12. Marty, the whole family is coming to this event but we're only bringing the Tundra, not sure if you want to update the sign up list to reflect that? Right now it has both @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge on the list even though we're only bringing one rig. We don't need to bring 2 rigs considering gas prices and the trails are easy enough for the Tundra, thanks!
  13. We're thinking that next time maybe we'll go up early on a Fri. or Sat. and fish, then camp overnight and fish again the next day before heading home. It's very nice up there, so peaceful (until people show up in the late morning, lol) and beautiful.
  14. @Large_Marge and I thought about going to the expo but in the end decided not to, prices of gas, parking and admission and then the crowds made it hard to want to go. Instead we went fishing, and what an epic fishing day it was! We drove up to Horsethief Basin Lake (7 miles south southeast of Crown King) and fished for about 4.5 hours, the whole family was there along with a friend of the twins. Collectively we caught 8 bluegill and 4 bass, there were 2 times we had fish on but lost them before getting them to shore and 1 that buried itself in the weeds along the shoreline which resulted in a broken line as I attempted to pull it out. Afterwards we drove into Crown King and had lunch at MJ's Cafe which was very good!
  15. I see TONS of private party rentals available on Craigslist in the trailer section.
  16. UHG! Looks like I'll be missing out on some good grub again! Y'all have a great time!
  17. Great night run, lots of burro's, a skunk, a deer and plenty of cattle, fun times, thanks Mike!
  18. Ditch lights & reverse lights attached to both rigs, GPS antenna charged up and GPX loaded and ready to go, looking forward to another fun night run!
  19. The past couple runs we went on with Mike we brought NO food as we knew what to expect. Always fun times and great food running trails with Mike.
  20. I'm already jealous because I know I'm missing out on all those goodies! Sarah and I ran Hieroglyphic Mtn Loop this morning and our Bulldog Canyon passes have expired otherwise we'd most likely join y'all tomorrow. Have a great time and eat a couple extra goodies for me!
  21. You don't need a CCW in AZ anymore, that's what I learned back in 2013, they got rid of it in 2012. Unless I missed something?
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