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  1. Now for something completely different... One of the local people was going to tear down an old house and donated it to our department for us to get some structure fire experience. We invited a couple of neighboring dept's to come play with us. Stacey was on hand and shot a pile of pic's. Please be careful this summer as it is anticipated to be a rough wildfire season. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MV9mq7sMrThT1GNAA
  2. Here's a couple shots of the Aurora around midnight thirty up in Montana
  3. Had to share a new addition to my resume. Wildland/structure responder, beginning EMS training in Oct.
  4. Massimo tboss 550, got it from tractor supply. Touch screen, front & rear cams, blue tooth/Wi-Fi connection for the updates to the GPS driven maps, 3k winch...and front/rear lockers. Ridiculous amount on add ONS, couldn't say no to $9200. Bonus, no sales tax in these here parts.
  5. This is what happens when you DON'T use a car cover!
  6. All the best to you and yours
  7. Have a great birthday and remember it's not the years that gets ya, it's the milage.
  8. Life in a snow globe VID_20240111_143242.mp4
  9. I'll start with something simple, deep sleep for jeep makes great air mattresses. Ours has held up without issue for 4+ years, 2 people 2 dogs. Now complicated...if you have an inverter a electric blanket on top of the mattress will keep you toasty on cold nights. See how it snowballs? If I do this I can do that...wait what about doing...also, hmm, maybe...crap, I'm broke thanks Jeep!
  10. You got out just in time, we're expecting 5"+ on Friday in these here part's
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