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  1. My new mission in life is to leave this at the base of random cliffs across the desert!
  2. Not really a joke but it'll still make you smile
  3. We get the same numbers. Kinda freaked me out the first time it went to 240, I remember back in the day that would mean new motor time.
  4. With respect and jealousy...screw you guys
  5. Are we going to herd up in a dispersed area? If yes any possible location yet?
  6. Free to a good home, Rear seat 60/40 split it great shape. Dust and dog fur included at no extra cost!
  7. Danger noddle sounded better than "nope rope". They all seem to use a shock collar, thanks for the lead.
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for "snakes are bad training" (aka Danger noodles) for dogs here in the valley? Thanks in advance, Scott
  9. Gotta love warranty work
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