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  1. We're using one from "overland gear guy" it'll take 3 bundles of firewood easy. Two years old and nothing is falling apart.
  2. 4 day weekend for us (Thur- Sun). An extended stay doesn't sound half bad.
  3. Hello ORP! First, a hearty thanks to everyone who worked to put the gala together...it was truly a wonderful weekend! It was really nice to have the hang-out time to actually talk to and get to know folks. The location for the group to camp was beautiful, with lots of room for everyone to gather and still have lots of room to spread out for camping. The run on Sat was an easy drive to just enjoy some beautiful Kaibab NF scenery, with a hike to get the blood flowing and amazing views that made it all worth it. When you are stuck living in a concrete jungle, it's a great reminder why we love jeeping! It took awhile, but the pics are loaded...if anyone sees any they especially like...the credit goes to Ryan, who was kind enough to share some of his photographic knowledge with me...thanks Ryan, I appreciate the time you took to help me. Here is the link to the pics...enjoy...and we hope to see you all again soon. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CCmE1moaZGuM5Wiz6 Stacey, Scott, D-O-G, & Nyx
  4. Unfortunately a situation has developed here at work and we're going to have to drop out. We'll see you folks soon. Have a great run.
  5. I'm pretty sure I said prior to the Gala that all blame falls on the new guy, sorry Alan, but he turned out to be a cool cat. So blame falls on the rock, stupid nature.
  6. A couple of you asked about the D-ring lift adapter (DLA) that I was using after my little "incident", stupid dirt colored rock, so here's a link. https://jeepsneeds.com/products/d-lift-adaptor-hi-lift
  7. We decided to stick around for a few hours before heading home. Fantastic weekend. Thanks again for all the effort put out to make this happen. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for leaving such a mess, good thing we ran across a gang of mercenary Trash Pandas the seemed overly eager to help.
  8. So you won the lottery and want to go faster down the highway yet you don't want to give up your rig... Problem Resolved!
  9. Much better clarity and range, good investment
  10. We're not in a race to get there the fastest, so if you want to caravan name a time and place that's good for you and yours. We're coming out of surprise.
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