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  1. Thanks for the guilt trip, add me to the list of volun-tolds!
  2. A day late and a hundred bucks short, Happy birthday!
  3. Just remember as you empty your wallet, you get what you pay for.
  4. There's nothing to match the love you put into your first car. By the time you two put her on the road it will be showroom ready.
  5. Strong chance that the TLG is there supplier, see that a lot at work. Equipment manufacturers like to make it like the hardware is proprietary to them thereby you spend more money with them
  6. Android tablets gps works even when you have no data connection, and... Wait for it...I'm pretty sure I have one in a drawer somewhere, I'll look for it in the morning when I get home.
  7. Hey All, Jason and Sara, thanks for a really fun run! Look forward to seeing everyone again soon!! Everyone stay safe and Happy Easter!!! May the bunny poop all over you Here is the link to the pics...enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/Lcx8Qiruuv8bbj4E7 Stacey
  8. Even when it becomes a pita situation, it's always nice to add new shiny bits and pieces. Should make a world of difference.
  9. Quick bypass to make sure Brad & Darlene made home without issue, we've landed at home. Thanks Jason and Sara for leading this run, great time. Pics coming soon
  10. It's good to be the King! we'll volunteer to tail gun for you.
  11. Should be warm enough on tomorrow's run to put them to the test!
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