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  1. Life in a snow globe VID_20240111_143242.mp4
  2. I'll start with something simple, deep sleep for jeep makes great air mattresses. Ours has held up without issue for 4+ years, 2 people 2 dogs. Now complicated...if you have an inverter a electric blanket on top of the mattress will keep you toasty on cold nights. See how it snowballs? If I do this I can do that...wait what about doing...also, hmm, maybe...crap, I'm broke thanks Jeep!
  3. You got out just in time, we're expecting 5"+ on Friday in these here part's
  4. New year, new budget...new ride??
  5. I had convinced Stacey to part with her wedding ring so I could have it cleaned and checked, the first part of my devilish plan had worked flawlessly. So today we loaded up and headed to the big city to fetch her ring. Unbeknownst to her I had been conspiring with the jewler . Ah, the plot begins to thicken. Twenty years ago she made a joke that she should get a 1 ct upgrade every ten years, challenge accepted. Ten year mark came and went, life happens, but I did not forget. Enough backstory, we just hit the twenty year mark and yes life does indeed happen. There was a moment when paramedic assistance was considered, as I slide her shiny new "Tolerance Stone" back onto her finger. Second best day of my life, the first was meeting her. Had to share my diabolical plot.
  6. Now, now. I got the truck from my brother whom works in Cali. You wouldn't believe the amount of side eyes we get cause of it. It's odd you have to assure people it's the truck, not us that's from Cali, LOL
  7. We know, but we're back, watching from the North. Merry Christmas to all, Happy New year. All the best to our desert people. New toy in the barn for Xmas '19 ram rebel, buddy price I couldn't say no to. Small house hack, put the tree outside.
  8. Sorry, the look instantly makes me think of a cheesy 80's sci-fi movie.
  9. I'm being told that I need to hang a pic that actually has dogs in it 🙄
  10. First snow of the the season!!! Respectful 11 inches over 36 hours. Absolutely beautiful and...it makes it easy to spot the hounds in the forest.
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