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    '17 JKU 2.5 lift 35s + lots of stuff & things
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    We're just regular people with a couple of defective dogs who love exploring the wilderness of this great country.

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  1. Sharks with antlers?...🤔 Would you mount it over the fireplace or the hood of the rig??
  2. Okay...that's what you're supposed to see. Amazing shots! We saw one before the evil clouds denied us the veiw.
  3. Your UPS guy probably hates you
  4. Frame and body, they're also designed to tie into there fenders if you are so inclined. They didn't even wiggle and are steel solid. I can take some fresh pics if you've got questions.
  5. There may be a pic somewhere from a couple of years ago at the gala when I had a navigational error and wound atop a good size rock. Highlift + metal cloak sliders were a good investment.
  6. Side note, took that pic around 10pm, wild how late you lose the light here
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