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  1. Kinda sad news, We won't be attending this year We are are pulling up stakes and heading to the next chapter, in Montana. I know, don't say it, what kinda loon moves to Montana in Dec.??? anwser, the same ones who moved to Arizona in late July. The love this group gives is unmatched, it will be hard to be equaled, we will do our best to spread to values and respect of the ORP family. We will stay active online once we get settled, kinda hard to make a day run from a 1000 miles out. Keep us in mind and drop us a note if your in the area (S.W. MT, just N. of yellowstone). As excited as we are it sucks to leave the desert behind, but moreover the ORP people that we've meet will be missed the most. Thank you all, hope to see you on the trails. Stacey, Scott, D-O-G and Nyx
  2. Who's old enough to understand...
  3. Haven't been there in 40 years, used to be a gas station and a cantina. Glad to see it hasn't gotten to developed.
  4. I don't know if the JL's are prone to the infamous oil filter housing leak but that drip pattern is awfully familiar..
  5. Well I'm glad I have this opportunity to extend a invitation to our extended rust warranty program...
  6. Love the rust pattern on the ground under the grill
  7. We've done a couple of field emergency first aid classes. One thing for sure is anyone who's gone through one will be reassessing the contents of their first aid kits. Two votes for Yes! The more in depth the better.
  8. It ain't the years, it's the mileage
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