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  1. Hey All, As usual, a great run and an awesome time! Thank you Christopher and Ryan for leading us and keeping us safe! Kim and Scott, and Michelle, welcome to the family, it was really nice to meet you guys and we look forward to seeing you all on the next lap. Here are the pics...enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/rtJke2FQ34fQ74vy5 Stacey and Scott (classic
  2. I need to finish setting up a plug to connect the rig to the panels (make it quick and easy). I have found that one (have 5) 100 watt panel will get my secondary battery back to a full charge in about 4 hrs of good sun after a full night of fridge and lights. Still thinking about a 300 amp alternator, just in case
  3. We went with Genesis dual setup to keep from eating up any cabin space. Ran a 2 gauge cable to a distribution block in the back for the fridge and any other power needs.
  4. "Don't forget the compressor"...wait for it, compressor questions on the horizon. *Pretty much everyone has a comp setup so if you want to check out before you buy, ask around on your next run.
  5. Another convert, lol, welcome
  6. It took almost 5 years but the adolescent in me is finally... Well, grinning like an idiot
  7. Bad intel? From a government agency? The hell you say! No biggie, we are going back out Sat morning around 8a.
  8. You'll see a few campers parked at the corner, we're along side the road right after you turn off of cave creek
  9. We're here, talked to the guys setting up at the corner. We'll be waiting on the side of the road
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