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  1. Just installed a Midland 275, great unit compact and clear
  2. I was reorganizing/ inventorying our toolbox(s) in the Jeep today and was questioning myself, to much or not enough? This is most of ours sans fluids (oil, brake fluid, ATF and gear oil. That's in another box) snacks, water and such are also hidden about the rig as are dog treats.
  3. Went full vandel today and added a ARB snorkel. Not that bad of a job though I had to get creative on a clearance issue with the aftermarket fenders. Put the heat gun to the problem area and applied the right amount of force to reform the fender to the snorkel, when all else fails violence prevails!
  4. When you really want to build a 4x4 after they ban oil and plastic
  5. We went radio stupid, Now we're rolling with a Yaesu FTM400 XDR ham Midland gmrs (hard mount and handheld) and the standard cb. May not know how to use it all but we hear everything!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to fill my brain, sounds like the 38" diamond is the ticket
  7. I to am radio ignorant and in need of advice. Decided on a Yaesu FTM-400XDR but have no idea on what antenna (height is not a issue) to go with to maximize the capability of the radio. Any real world jeep relevant info would be appreciated
  8. Our last pic leaves the question, can you guess who's adopted?
  9. Thank you, we are getting closer to what we want it to be. Truth be told we know we'll never be done, to much cool stuff not enough fun tickets.
  10. That's just the airline for the lockers, most direct path= less $$ spent on hose.
  11. Got our lift on today, finally, 2.5 AEV dual sport. And got her a new set of shoes, 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss (which are 1000% quieter then the MTZ's). That matched with the 4.56 gears a couple of weeks ago, we're broke and rapidly racing towards our goal of spending more on mods then we paid for the rig. Being wiped out from 18 twelve hour shifts in a row (what? it's not like I won the lottery) we opted to take it to our newest favorite shop Absolute Offroad and let Jason work his magic. Doing our best to help out local small business keep the lights on. Heading to the radio shop tomorrow to grab a HAM/GMRS setup.
  12. Seems to be back to normal. Good job,😋 give yourself a raise, don't argue, the customer is always right.
  13. ...and here I thought it was just a bad signal at work.
  14. Which liner's did you go with? Looking to put in a set also just not sure which to choose
  15. We're carrying a Audew 20000 (2000 amp) and have zero complaints, runs about $90 but they have promo sales all the time for $79
  16. Don't forget to check the A.S.H. receiver
  17. You guys are making me feel lazy. All I've done lately is make a couple of brackets to mount a shovel & axe to the rack. If it buys me any points I'm waiting for my lift to come in, then I'll have bloody knuckles and bragging rights.
  18. It would seem that you have a abundance of time and money, not say that's a bad thing
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