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  1. Looks like the real estate market is finally calming down.
  2. Which is worse, having leftover fasteners or missing the last one?🤔
  3. As long as you DON'T come up with any nifty little mods when you're in there it should be "fine" 🙄
  4. We've been running the AEV 2.5 w/ geometry brackets and have to agree with the increase of ride quality on and off road. We roll heavy with and without a trailer. Zero complaints and highly recommend.
  5. It does, but did you have to read it or did you know?
  6. If you know what this is, then you belong in the antique store you found in.
  7. Happy b-day, thanks for being older than us🙂 083da0eeff7e39ecdb154d09438ebf7a.mp4
  8. Just trying to keep the sexy flexy skills sharp...🙄
  9. Found a very easy to use web site, great for scouting and such https://satellites.pro/USA_map
  10. If gas keeps going up there are options...just saying
  11. Thought this was a interesting series of pic's
  12. Take the trouble code with a grain of salt. I have a left headlight voltage high code( post headlight upgrade) that always comes back. After extensively testing there is no real problem, the computer just doesn't like the feedback from the resistors is the circuit for the LED's.
  13. I've got meters I'll bring this weekend, just in case.
  14. Grab the ole clamp on amp meter, hook it to the positive cable as close to the battery as possible (there should be a tiny draw with the key off). Then, one at a time, start pulling fuses/relays, if something is "on" you'll see a change in the meter reading (drop) when you pull the offending circuit. This is a easy way to troubleshoot the mysterious force called electricity 😉
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