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  1. If gas keeps going up there are options...just saying
  2. Thought this was a interesting series of pic's
  3. Take the trouble code with a grain of salt. I have a left headlight voltage high code( post headlight upgrade) that always comes back. After extensively testing there is no real problem, the computer just doesn't like the feedback from the resistors is the circuit for the LED's.
  4. I've got meters I'll bring this weekend, just in case.
  5. Grab the ole clamp on amp meter, hook it to the positive cable as close to the battery as possible (there should be a tiny draw with the key off). Then, one at a time, start pulling fuses/relays, if something is "on" you'll see a change in the meter reading (drop) when you pull the offending circuit. This is a easy way to troubleshoot the mysterious force called electricity 😉
  6. Father and son, old and gray young and green. Accidentally on purpose subconscious messaging...? Things that make you go hmm??
  7. Got a 30' kinetic rope in one and all kinds-o-bits& pieces in the other.
  8. We're running the same bags, totally agree with you. They are a great use of wasted space
  9. Glad to see we're not the only ones abusing electricity
  10. Hey All! Michael, thanks for a great day! Not even the wind could detract from just being out there It was a great run for the newer folks to get their tires dirty on, enough to have fun and really encourage wanting to get back out there again. It was wonderful to see so many new folks joining the family...it was great to meet all of you and we hope to see you out gettin' dirty again! Here are the pics from the day...enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/6GLySDfR2tBL5Y768 Scott, Stacey, D-O-G, and Nyx
  11. Home safe, Stacey will post pics in the morning. Nice to meet you new folks, see you on the next run.
  12. The cost/benefit analysis for us, giving to our style in extended camping-overlanding it is a worthy expense.
  13. $400 is nothing in the world of Jeep mods, says the guy who just emptied his wallet on a dometic fridge 🤑
  14. You're scoffing at more power? Your "Man card" may be at risk 😅
  15. Sounds like a great challenge! The mantra " Plan for the worst, hope for the best and deal with what you get" might be appropriate".
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