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  1. Let's just say an average of 40k per rig...there was about a quarter million sitting in nothing (would have sounded better if it was Nowhere)
  2. Damn nice rig, as for it being his first rig, spectacular!
  3. Hey All!!! Thanks to everyone for another great day with ORP! It was great to see everyone and get back out there! Here is the link to the party pix... https://photos.app.goo.gl/GDRuM4mZkP1zJ9rw7 Stacey and Scott
  4. I'm seeing quite a few "I never ate so many cookies" One word... Amateurs! 😒 We'll post Stacey's party pics in a bit.
  5. Great day, great seeing everyone again. Stacey will post her pics in the morning. Good to be on the dirt again with great people!
  6. I may have missed it in the post, probably, but there was no mention of milk?? How can you have a cookie contest without milk? The mind wobbles. We picked up a gallon and a half of 2% and a bunch of throw away cups.
  7. Black friday sales?? Sounds more like you sold both kidneys, your liver and a lung! Sounds like it'll be bullet proof by the time you're done!
  8. You know I've got plenty more if you want to wrap those primary cables
  9. Looks like we have the same plan, spend entirely too much bloody money. With a smile while I'm enjoying some generic mac & cheese.
  10. On the topic of loom, I have a rather large box of assorted sizes that I'd be happy to share if anyone has a wiring project.
  11. And a gold star for you! As far as the protection on the compressor odds are it's just a thermal overload that resets when it cools back down (my comp is mounted under the rear deck, away from engine heat)
  12. That is correct. You would put this as close to the battery a possible(before the relay). In doing this it will protect the circuit from any dead shorts ( power going straight to ground) and eliminates the need for a inline fuse.
  13. Might I suggest a resettable circuit breaker as opposed to a fuse... https://powerwerx.com/mechanical-products-175-s8-100-2-scircuit-breaker-100a
  14. That's going on the got to have list, thanks Ryan 🤑
  15. Where one was good, two is better! Both are from Jeep unique.
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