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  1. https://www.apexdesignsusa.com/products/autolynx-sway-bar-disconnect
  2. ...And just like that, according to the wife, we're in the market for all new camping gear.
  3. You may be a Jeeper but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate a classy ride.
  4. On the way to work Monday when a semi changed lanes into me, ended up nose first into center divider. Got beat up but nothing broken.
  5. 2 more weeks of this working every day and then back to the trails!
  6. Try these guys, https://powerwerx.com/anderson-power-powerpole-sb-connectors
  7. I learned something today, not sure what I learned but I'm way more educated on...blah, blah, blah "dog bone" 🤣
  8. This is common when dealing with hi temp lighting, stock connections are spec'd to a minimum tolerance as far as temp ratings. Easiest solution is to replace the plug with a industrial grade or, remote the plug itself 2 or 3 inches away from the light using a thermal (high temp) wire and use a high quality blade terminal (again hi temp) to land the wires at the light. The upside is the remote plug makes it a lot simpler the dis/connect the lights in the future and no more melting possibly shorting out of your lights when you're tearing down a dark road.
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