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  1. Challenge Accepted... please put @4x4tographer and myself down. Here are the details you asked for: Team Name: Gandalf Style Members: Ryan and Michelle Vehicle: 2018 JLU "The Balrog"
  2. Happy Birthday @johnpa!!
  3. Man now I wish I wasn't going to be girl scout camping all weekend so I could see everyone. It has been too long. I will say you better save the bowling idea until the girls and I can join. We love bowling and would hate to miss doing it with the ORP family. Maybe that can be a summer thing when outside it too hot for wheeling??? Just a thought.
  4. I think this is awesome. Best one I have seen.
  5. For anyone with younglings if they are in 4th grade, you can get a free pass for them that does extend to the family at this link. https://www.everykidoutdoors.gov/index.htm We did it when T was in 4th and hope to do it again when B is, kid DOES need to be with you though, so hopefully they are adventurous.
  6. Who else needs one of these? https://m.imgur.com/E0qtlyG
  7. So excited for these. I saw a prototype came in. @theksmith can you advise if they run true to size, large or small? Thanks!
  8. Awe I’m sad. It was a glimpse inside this gem of a book we found this past weekend.
  9. Thanks @4x4tographer for help in making this video.
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