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  1. Who else needs one of these? https://m.imgur.com/E0qtlyG
  2. So excited for these. I saw a prototype came in. @theksmith can you advise if they run true to size, large or small? Thanks!
  3. Awe I’m sad. It was a glimpse inside this gem of a book we found this past weekend.
  4. Thanks @4x4tographer for help in making this video.
  5. @dzJeepChic I am so sorry but @4x4tographer and I (plus girls) will need to back out. I know I talked to you about needing to leave early but we just got an updated schedule for the morning dance dress rehearsal and we would be late arriving. We don’t think that is fair to all you amazing people volunteering. Maybe next time it will work out.
  6. Lolz I don’t drive often and I didn’t realize @4x4tographerwas recording me -
  7. You probably already captured this from @4x4tographer but we plan to carve pumpkins, the navigator game (he keeps saying something about revenge for the tree last year ), we have our 2 girls (5 and 9) coming and I just convinced him to make Salsa tomorrow to enter the contest. If you can’t tell we are excited.
  8. I am kinda afraid he will run me into a tree to get even. He has been talking about payback... so @Bradywgn71 you probably still will win.
  9. So @4x4tographer (husband) convinced me to finally create an account so I stop bugging him about what is happening. Really looking forward to hanging out with you all next weekend.
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