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  1. Lolz I don’t drive often and I didn’t realize @4x4tographerwas recording me -
  2. You probably already captured this from @4x4tographer but we plan to carve pumpkins, the navigator game (he keeps saying something about revenge for the tree last year ), we have our 2 girls (5 and 9) coming and I just convinced him to make Salsa tomorrow to enter the contest. If you can’t tell we are excited.
  3. I am kinda afraid he will run me into a tree to get even. He has been talking about payback... so @Bradywgn71 you probably still will win.
  4. So @4x4tographer (husband) convinced me to finally create an account so I stop bugging him about what is happening. Really looking forward to hanging out with you all next weekend.
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