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  1. HAHA Heya George! Yea fell WALKING off a cliff since I still do not have a truck haha!
  2. Well I wont bog down your thread with details, but just the usual. Two jobs, planning a wedding and doing some minor renovations to the Apt have kept my social life to almost nil HAHA. I still dont have a truck, I am most likely buying a family type car for the wife, so hopefully within the next year I will be back at it. My biggest motivation is going on another trip with ORP! The one night I spent in Mojave with ya'll was very enjoyable so I am looking forward to doing that again!
  3. I also use the VIA's on camping trips. The French Press is reserved for at home. My only issue with the VIA's is that it does not totally mix with the water, there is always a bit of grounds left over. Mocha is the best tho! If you search online, you can find them in bulk for about .80 a cup
  4. It was more of "in the moment" purchase. it was my first overland ralley and its easy to get caught up in the moment of how awesome everything is. There great cups, but agree far to expensive. I actually use them at the office instead. I can drink a cup of coffee for an hour without it getting too cold. And K is correct, there is almost 0 heat transfer to your lips even with 160 degree water in the cup.
  5. Clifford is still the coolest XJ I have ever seen!
  6. Yea, with planning a wedding, and a few work relaed trips.. my year is pretty much bust. Im tryin to grab a ride to OX12 but even if I find a ride, the fee could hold me back. The good news, like I said.. By the end of the year I should have all the money saved for the wedding, so a truck will be right after! Ill still be around, I am sill lost as to what i want to buy.. tho I do have it narrowed down to less than 5 vehicles now HAHA
  7. Totally missing my truck right now... Took a few months break from The expo and ORP.. was crazy busy at work, and it was so sad seeing all the trip reports and awesome photos. Good news is I think I should only be out for just this year. I hope to purchase a new rig next year and get back out there. Miss all the awesome folks here at ORP!
  8. Totally random but I had a dream last night I was out on trip in truck and woke up feeling nice. Until I realized that I sold it a few weeks ago... So long Frontier!
  9. I purchased for 12,500 - Posted it on CL for 11,500 which was high but wanted to weed out the usual CL low ballers. Got offered 10,500 and went with it. There is now a pos beat up $800 civic sitting in my parking spot but it has a/c 4 doors for the kids and gets 28 mpg before a tune up haha
  10. SOLD! Marriage first.. then will be looking for either a Jeep, Tacoma, LC! Not in that specific order either haha
  11. Ooops sorry for spoiling the surprise K, and look at you how modest.. didnt even need to pull the ORP vote to secure the W.
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