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  1. I have to bail. Having issues with truck. Sorry for last minute notice
  2. Just drove it yesterday. This was my 4th or 5th trip. It was rougher than previous outings. More exposed and loose rocks, with some basketball sized rocks on the trail. The uphill wasn't any harder than before, but switchbacks were.
  3. Thanks for the invite. Really didn't meet anybody by name. Didn't stick around for photos cuz we had stuff to do.
  4. Did the Montana Mountain Trail today. There was hardly anyone on the trail. There were two small parts that I needed a pointer. My wife rocks.
  5. And you too (I can spell, but I seldom proofread)
  6. And I you. I became a shellback in 1977
  7. Colleen and I used to mountain bike and camp a whole lot, but injuries, wear and tear, along with age, brought that to an end. So we decided to buy a 4runner and order an offroad teardrop to 4x4 and camp offroad. We started offroading about three months ago and go at least once a week. Reymert Mine, Bulldog Canyon, and Montana Mountain are favorites. Really want to do Box Canyon. Sometime in April, the runner will get new bumpers and, more importantly, full skids. K & C
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