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  1. I’m not sure how I posted the information again but I was just trying to ask to be added to this run LOL
  2. We are going to have to switch to a maybe. Aaron is getting a big mechanic job that will need to done ASAP and he only has time on Fridays and the weekend. The car is being towed here today so I should know more by tomorrow or Thursday.
  3. Add us to this you please. Hopefully we will have the driveshaft replaced by then.
  4. Having issues getting the right U-Joint for our rig but we are just breaking down and getting a new chromoly for her. He is doing it on Friday so we should be there.
  5. Thanks @Trail Toy! Just came in here to take care of that and you already had us covered. Appreciate that.
  6. We had a great time. Looking forward to other adventures with you all.
  7. It’s been at least that and now we will reconnect on the trails of all places! Looking forward to wheeling with y’all!
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