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    2021 JLU w/ Currie F9's and 40's
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    '21 JLU on 40's
    3.5" Metalcloak Game Changer Lift
    Currie F9 Axles Front / Rear w/ 5.43 Gears & Air Lockers
  1. We just hit Sand Hollow this last weekend, was amazing. We may go up for trail hero as well, just have to move a few things around schedule wise.
  2. Thats pretty cool, I rarely run into guys with a K.
  3. To be honest, we just thought it was funny. My gal / kids and I were trying to figure out a name.
  4. Evo front bumper, Metalcloak 3.5 game changer lift, KMC beadlocks w/ 37's. No inner fenders yet or any rock sliders
  5. 37's w/ no lift. Had to remove the bumpers, inner fenders and factory fenders to make it work. Put on rubicon fender flares and rugged ridge lights.
  6. Front Currie F9 Axle Housing Artec Industries Truss Reid Racing Knuckles RCV Axles (35 Spline) RPM 2.5T Tie Rod / Drag Link Yukon Zip Locker 5.43 Yukon Gears Rear Currie F9 Axle Housing Artec Industries Truss Currie Axles (35 Spline) Yukon Zip Locker 5.43 Yukon Gears Other 40" Nitto Trail Grapplers KMC Machete Beadlocks Metalcloak GameChanger 3.5 lift w/ Rocksport Shocks Metalcloak Overland Fenders Artec Industries Inner Fenders Artec Industries Aluminum Full Belly Pan Switch Pros SP9001 ARB Twin Compressor Zroadz light bar and 3" pods Evo Quarter Pounder + Stinger Front Bumper Smittybilt X20 Winch LetzRoll Offroad Rear Bumper / Tire Carrier
  7. Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I found these forums a couple weeks ago when I was looking for other trails / trail groups via Google and just recently signed up. I am a big goofy white dude that drives a big white jeep. I have been wheeling for many years and have built various rigs in the past. After I sold my last jeep I promised myself I would never get another one and I would focus my time / energy / money into my other hobbies (foreshadowing here because I lied to myself). Then I moved to Az (mid 2019) and saw all of the amazing trails, immediately I got the bug. I told my family I wouldn't build a trailer queen / buggy again and that I would keep it mostly stock (lied again). We picked up the JLU Sport in October / November and started exploring no day 1. Within days of being out on the trails I ran across an area that I wanted to explore and I knew that with my other rigs it wouldn't have been a problem, but with this stock boy it wasn't possible. So I ordered tires (see I lied to myself big here). Immediately after putting the tires on it just didn't feel right, no flex, nothing. Just bigger tires. So I put on the Metalcloak 3.5 game changer lift. I told myself and my gal that I was going to stop there (lied to myself again). We rolled around on the 37's and 3.5" lift for a couple months and started doing more and more exploration with friends. Then we ran across an obstacle that I knew I could have taken in past rigs but this just couldn't do it. I needed lockers.... so the planning began. Do I invest time / money into a Dana 30 / Dana 44 setup or do I look into getting something that may be "better for the long run". Thats how I justified it to myself. I reached out to a few shops to get their ideas on what was the best option for a "new jeep". (I lied to myself so much here that Bank of America started flagging my account for questionable purchases) Needless to say I landed on the axles I wanted to be on and the setup I plan to keep (for now). It does everything we need, and more. While its not quite as big / capable as my older rigs, it sure does look better lol. They were beat up and drove like crap on the hwy. This one drives amazing. Enough about my money pit. Let me introduce my fam My gals name is Jen - We share most of the same hobbies and are together 24x7x365, and we love it. We used to do a ton Photography (we have a studio in the house) but since moving to AZ we haven't taken our gear out much.. too much to see here in AZ. We also love to go out on the trails (Jeeps) and cruise on the backroads (Motorcycles). I have a couple Harleys and she has a CanAm trike. We are also Pro 2nd amendment and shoot as frequently as possible. Our boys are Koelby (17) and Logan (14). They also do everything with us and are connected at the hip to us. We love to wheel in all areas, "safer" exploration type roads to more challenging "less safe" type obstacles. We also love helping new wheelers out. I have no problem following, leading or pulling someone through an obstacle / trail. Hope to see you all out on the trail!
  8. Thank you! I sold my TJ buggy a few years ago and promised I would never get another jeep but I clearly lied to myself. Picked this up in October/November and have been ripping / cutting / welding / breaking / etc. every week since then. I think I am done for now, or at least my Bank of America account says I am lol.
  9. I recognize a few of your jeeps from that day. I was there airing down with a few of my friends before hitting the trail and I had no idea ya'll were from this forum. I spoke to 1 or 2 of you. After seeing this post I figured I would say hi and introduce myself. My name is Kris (I am a big white dude with tattoos and wheels in shorts / flip flops). I always have my gal and our 2 boys with us. I drive a white JLU on 40's and wheel pretty much with the same group of 4-6 vehicles every weekend, occasionally picking up new friends here and there. Our group consists of everything from a pretty stock JK on 33's to me and 1 other guy that are a little less than stock. But we all have fun! Hope to meet more of you and see you out on the trails!
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