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  1. @Ken Ford Yah the dirty orange truck stands out. I think half the people on this side of town work here hah.
  2. I don't think my pictures do it justice. Was a perfect combination of snow, mud, and scenery all day. Thanks for making today happen, could not have picked a better time to be out there!
  3. I agree, was a great Saturday. First time out to Turkey Creek, so thanks Jason and everyone else for the great trip. Got to say I was a bit jealous of that short wheel base in some of the areas. The trail did get tight a couple of times. Looking forward to exploring more with everyone! Can't wait to see how the pictures turn out
  4. Nice, I saw on their website they are rated to 50,000 lbs. Which is kind of hard to believe with hinges.
  5. Looking at buying some traction boards, but a lot of the online reviews seem to be from people that haven't even used them yet just saying "these look good" or "these look flimsy." Are the MaxTrax or ARB worth double the price of what most of the others are? Both have great reviews from people using them but theres others out there like RototraX are $150.
  6. Welcome and hello fellow ZR2 driver!
  7. Just don't follow the new guy and nothing will go wrong
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