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  1. Nice, I saw on their website they are rated to 50,000 lbs. Which is kind of hard to believe with hinges.
  2. Looking at buying some traction boards, but a lot of the online reviews seem to be from people that haven't even used them yet just saying "these look good" or "these look flimsy." Are the MaxTrax or ARB worth double the price of what most of the others are? Both have great reviews from people using them but theres others out there like RototraX are $150.
  3. Welcome and hello fellow ZR2 driver!
  4. Just don't follow the new guy and nothing will go wrong
  5. Thanks, Sadly wouldn't be able to make that one, I'll probably be trying to jump onto some of the other trips. It's nice to see so many different events on here.
  6. Hello all, Just getting back into off-roading and looking to meet others in the community out in Arizona. Currently driving and gearing up my ZR2 Colorado and patiently waiting for more aftermarket parts for it. Any questions or feel like hitting some trails let me know.
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