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  1. Long Saturday, did not get the gears fully swapped. Ran into a shim issue on the front. But should have one that will get me the backlash I want by Friday.

    Did get the fenders and level kit installed and mounted the rims and tires. This week will be the bed rack swap.




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  2. I guess I will add to this thread.

    I am doing a kinds bigger project on my 2019 ZR2.

    I am adding a 1 inch level kit on the front, putting on 35inch tires, cutting the fenders and adding flares to clear the 35's, re-gearing to 4.10's from the factory 3.42's, added a hidden wench to the factory front bumper(control box is located under the hood), adding good set of under armor, and changing the bed rack to a lietner, It will raise my tent but allow me to stand the spare tire up in the bed.

    I hope to be done by Saturday, or early next week.



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  3. 1 hour ago, theksmith said:

    that's a clean looking rig. it seems like you have already acquired a few mods - the rock-rails are a definite must-have.


    i'm not familiar with the ZR2 platform myself, but we do have a few regulars with them! ...i'm curious if that lower front bumper area is a metal skid or just decorative plastic?


    The mods were already on the vehicle when I purchased it. That was one of the reasons I picked it up vs waiting for a Bison, that and the price. And the bumper is plastic for looks.

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  4. Hello everyone, My name is Cullen McCarthy. I am new to off roading and overlanding. I have been interested in it for a few years and through work I was able to get the truck I wanted.  A 2019 Colorado ZR2 (not a bison, but no complaints) I have only hit a few trails with friends and want to get into more. I am looking forward to meeting you guyTUTD6768.thumb.JPG.6060f4c62856edea3b2078b67453ca88.JPGs on the trails.

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