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  1. Home too. 'Defiantly' going to have to take apart the hub and see what is going on. It's so nice outside I am bummed I bailed early (on my own run no less). But I know it's good not to push a bad situation. Thanks for the troubleshooting help! Without you guys I couldn't have narrowed down the source of the bad sounds. Even though I bailed early I had a nice time and was glad to meet some new folks including some 'newbies' who are excited about the hobby. I hope you keep following along with the Off Road Passport club. It's a nice group of folks.
  2. Like water in the Arizona summer I would toss a sleeping bag into my rig if I lived in the snow. I do this if I am wheeling somewhere I might end up spending the night (rig breaks down) and it was going to be cold. Carbon monoxide detectors are cheap. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have one if there is a possibility you'll be trapped in a cold traffic jam like the one mentioned, even if you are not planning on sleeping. Just some thoughts. Good subject!
  3. As you approach the parking lot there are portable lit road signs on the highway that read 'Slow for Pedestrians' or something similar. It's a popular area for hiking, bikes and horseback riding too. So be a bit careful pulling into the DIRT parking lot it will probably be busy and there may be kids and such not paying attention. Brake a bit early because people on the highway may not be expecting you to slow down for the turn.
  4. Thanks, I've got a pair of spares too so that should cover us. And thanks for being tail gunners on this run.
  5. Now that I am emissions exempt I can ditch the totally useless A.I.R. system. This complicated piece of engineering is prone to problems and isn't very effective. But don't worry fans of clean air. I will keep the PCV, EGR and CAT. Those are all great systems. To ditch the AIR system I have to plug the air tubes in the exhaust manifolds. I scored a pair of used replacements which I can fix up and just swap onto the jeep. I'll take them to a machine shop and have them checked for cracks and re-planed? (Is that the term)? The 'new' driver side is an older model that flows much better than what I have stock, so I will have the exhaust redone once I have them installed and will add an O2 Sensor so I can use a AFR gauge to tune the carb. I am going to add an aftermarket oil temp and oil pressure gauge along with an 9qt oil pan. The pressure gauge on the old FSJ's are very inaccurate and slow to respond. Other ideas: Ditch the A/C system. It hasn't worked in a couple of years and I don't drive the rig when it is warm. This will give me a lot more room to work around the engine compartment. Replace the stock alternator with a CS140. This will give me a lot more charging power, especially at idle, when the tire compressor is running. Replace my old Flood Lights with something new with LED's. Add those cool sway bar links that allow you to twist the knob to 'disconnect'. Add an external transmission cooler. (getting rid of the AC condenser will make this easier). I need to chase down a couple of oil leaks too. I've been getting out a wheeling a lot and I am going to keep that up!
  6. Since you all are coming in from Surprise we will make sure to make it worth the drive and do the longer run! Thanks for signing up.
  7. WILL E

    Bulldog Canyon

    Sign up here:
  8. The weather should be nice. This time we will keep the option of going out south on FR10 and exiting at Wolverine. We'll start in around 10:00 am. We will enter in on 3554 but if the weather is nice and anyone wants to go south on FR10 we will take it out to Wolverine. If you want to go North on Fr10 and exit Bush due to time constraints we will make sure someone tags along with you and you get to the gate. It's a short quick run from the 3554/10 intersection. A permit is required, it's $6, lasts 6 months and is specific to the Bulldog Canyon area: https://www.recreation.gov/vehiclepermits/3332401 Technical Rating: 2-3 (easy) if you exit off of Bush, I'd give it a 4 if we go South to Wolverine. There is one tipsy spot going downhill that can be a little exciting. REQUIREMENTS: A stock clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front OR rear recovery point (trailer hitch is fine), stock tires. (I've done this trail in a ZR2 our to Wolverine) Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) $6 permit per vehicle. Each OPERATOR must have a permit, families can share a permit This is a great trail for people with little to no experience. Everyone must stay on the designated trails Radios: Not required. Ham on 462.700, CB or FRS all work for me. Trail finding is easy and we'll keep you in our mirrors. Itinerary: Meet up time will be 10:00 am at fr3554 trail head off of Usery Pass. We'll air down (optional) and chat a bit. We'll stop at least twice to enjoy the view and chat. I'll make some cheese crisps for anyone interested in a snack when we stop for lunch. At FR10 you can head North to Bush Highway exit or South to Wolverine. The trail is about 7 or 8 miles long to Bush. Wolverine is another 10 or so miles and takes another 45 or so minutes (we will stop less on 10). Bring the kids, the pets, Grandma. Bring something for lunch. We'll stop for about an hour for lunch under the shade of some mesquite trees. 3554 trail head: https://www.google.com/maps/place/West+Gate+to+Bulldog+Canyon+OHV+Area/@33.5026963,-111.6133648,15.5z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x872bbb81761e8ac7:0xc24136abcb51c998!2sUsery+Pass+Rd,+Mesa,+AZ+85207!3b1!8m2!3d33.5240835!4d-111.61566!3m4!1s0x872bbba068b5c437:0xe103b51b92f8ed81!8m2!3d33.5047988!4d-111.6172384 Signed Up: WILL: 83' Cherokee Stacey and Scott: 17 JKU (Tail Gunners) Richard Anderson: F150 CharlesM4: 2018 Toyota Sparky 01: Blue Tacoma Susan Harvey: Toyota Tacoma 2019.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, it's always best when folks can't make a run that they post up as soon as they know. I am sad I won't be there to make yummy appetizers and have fun on the trail and for the gift exchange and to meet folks. I hope to see you all out on the trail or whatever ORP event comes up. Have fun and be safe!
  10. My wife is sick. Going to go get her a prescription. I feel fine and I would love to join you guys but I think it's best I stay away in case I have it and just are not showing symptoms yet. I will catch you all next time!
  11. That compressor install turned out nice! Where did you get the waterproof circuit breaker?
  12. I do a pretty good job using a combination of a 'Hot Logic' and this portable grill: https://www.charbroil.com/deluxe-portable-gas-grill-465620011
  13. Nice waggy! The picture was super slow to load for me. Not dial up speed for sure but early internet speed.
  14. Looking at the scenery pictures it reminded me of how nice of a day it was. And we are lucky to see so much water flowing. (but not TOO much water). Thanks for posting the pics!
  15. I don't take pictures but I do have a dash cam. Although I discovered I had the smaller SD card in it so must of the day wasn't saved. But here is Trail Toy fording a large puddle of unknown depth. I repositioned my rig so I could catch it on the cam Most of our way back out the second trail I still had on the SD. I discovered MS 'Photos' will let you combine videos so here is a short video of some clips of Large Marge going through some of the more difficult stuff. I don't know why the sound cut out on some of the videos, I am not going to worry about it. A couple of times I let the video roll so you get a feeling for how steep some of the hills were.
  16. I am glad you made it home! Thanks for letting us know. What a great day to be out wheeling. I had a lot of fun trying a few trails that were new to me. Thanks @Trail toy and @Large_Margefor hosting the trip. I am really glad I found offroadpassport.
  17. Hey! Are we going to stop for lunch? I will bring some snacks to share if we are (but they will have to be cooked so it will take a bit). Also, anyone bringing kids? I can do a 'trail pepperoni pizza' for them instead of (or along with) the standard cheeze crisp.
  18. Today I replaced my Optima batteries with a pair of Odyssey batteries. I have been using optima's for years. I knew a guy decades ago, well into the last century, who was a dealer for the original optima batteries. The original optima's were hard to kill and lasted years. But my enthusiasm for the brand has lowered over the years and I thought I would give the Odyssey's a chance. Of course there were issues. I had bought a battery box that was specifically made for the optima. The Odyssey is a bit bigger and didn't fit. A friend with a plasma cutter helped fix that problem. But the Odyssey is also taller. Letzroll did a custom battery enclosure for the aux battery. The taller Odyssey fits fine BUT my circuit breaker setup which I mounted on the top of the battery hold down was now interfering with the hood. Great. So I redid the what was originally a very graceful mounting of the circuit breaker and replaced it with something that is less graceful. This makes me a bit sad because I was very enamored with myself for the original mount. It was just one of those rare fabrication moments where it all fit perfectly, looked good, was super functional, etc. Then I went to replace the primary battery and, of course, there were issues. The Solenoid that is used to manually connect the two batteries together was in the way. It wasn't a problem with the Optima, they have the coil design so they are not 'flat' on the sides so my solenoid mount was fine. The interference wasn't too bad so I took a file to the plastic part of the solenoid and created just a bit of space. So that was my day. Overall a good day working on the jeep in reasonably nice weather. Only one trip to the hardware store and I escaped there only spending a few bucks on longer bolts and other stuff.
  19. Old school hot rodders often have a big thumpy cam that creates poor vacuum at idle. And cars with turbo's create positive pressure in the manifold. One trick used with vacuum assisted brakes is to add a vacuum pump and/or reservoir. My old jeep has decent vacuum at idle but there have been occasions where the engine dies on a hill and while I get one more pump of the brakes, after that it is no longer assisted. So I added a reservoir which did adda couple of more pumps, but I decided to also add in an electric vacuum pump. I can turn it off and on at will, mostly I just leave it off. The idea is if I die on a hill or am getting dragged for miles off of a trail, I will have excellent brakes. The pump is attached between the reservoir and the brake assembly. I left the check valve on the brake assembly reservoir and there is a second check valve on the tank where manifold vacuum is attached.
  20. That looks like a great time! I love the pictures. I enjoy my 'fun' runs where it's a bit technical but the pucker factor is a bit lower. Variety is a good thing!
  21. I am still planning on being there, although if you knew all of the crap I just did to my truck you would ask me to stay away. haha
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