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  1. Wow Kristoffer, epic topic I just spent 2 hours to go through all 80 pages of your build. I have learned so much. your work on Gadget is so professional and inspiring. I will sure keep on reading and keep an eye on your build. One thing that I searched through and couldn't find is information about the automatic air system. a saw that you made a cradle for 2 AZ compressor and when you installed the aluminum front bumper you made changes to the system but the link is broken. and I couldn't find information about what you shared from this awesome system. can you please share again or post a link to see and learn about your automatic inflation system? This is the broken link that I took from this thread https://offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5542 it is on page 48 of this topic. Thank you Kristoffer.
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