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  1. Ugh...... please put me on Standby..... looks like "Squaw Peak To Bloody Basin Road" trip is the same day 3/5/22
  2. Glad you have it fixed. I use to do DIY alignment on my Cal Look VW's when I was younger. Spray primer down the center of the tread on both front tires after lifting it up on jacks. Lift the front just high enough to spin the tire and then use something stable to lay a screw driver against and while spinning the tire, mark a line down the center of the tire all the way around the circumference. Primer will wear off after a mile or so of driving. After doing both sides, I would just measure the difference between the left and right tire between the lines I created. Measure across the back of the tires and then in front of both tire. Set toe in 1/8 to 1/4 and the Bug would track perfectly strait. Granted those measurements were for a VW Bug but the concept was he same. Obviously not as good as a 4 way computer / laser alignment but WAY Cheaper
  3. Another fun Saturday! Thanks Jason for leading. Good to see Mike again and also meet Brian and Ben who I had not met before. Was fun seeing how all the different assortment of rigs handled the terrain. Trail was easy until after our lunch on the river bed. Got a lot more interesting and exciting afterwards. Especially "The Squeeze"....... The last bump up and over gets you leaning out over the river bed below and caught me of guard. I will post some pictures that I took tomorrow when I get a chance. Not sure how they turned out but I'm sure Ben is gonna want a copy of his ZR2 up on the Rock! Again, thanks every one for another fun Saturday!
  4. Cullen, to bad about having to cover for co-worker..... was hoping to see more of the ZR2 in action !
  5. Another great Sunday wheeling with a good group of guys. Really appreciate Kevin leading and Woody as Tail gunner, showing us the trails. Would have been more fun if the water at the Gila River was a little lower but after watching the tail end of Woody's Gladiator floating lose..... Kevin (Trail Boss) made the right call about NOT crossing and doubling back the same way we came in. We did get the opportunity to help pull out a fellow Jeeper out of the river bank! Spinning wheels with mud shooting strait up.....only to come back down inside there stuck jeep was price less! Another Saturday incredible views and fun GMRS Chatter! Thanks everyone!
  6. Welcome to ORP Deli. I’m new myself and can honestly say after 3 or 4 trips, it’s a great bunch of folks to camp and wheel with. Super glad that I joined myself. I’m sure your gonna fit right in.
  7. Looking forward to the trip Jason and thanks for putting it together. Will make to pick up my Family Permit.
  8. Sounds good Jason, you can add me to the list for the Box Canyon to Wickenburg Run once you post it. Driving through the water looks like fun:) I too have a weird squealing noise..... Mine appears to be from the back axle? but not 100% sure....my hearing inst what it used to be. Noise starts up above 25MPH......Sounds like a Squeaky water pump but doesn't seem to modulate with engine RPM when I throw it in N and rev it while rolling. Doesn't change pitch when I'm rolling and pull the emergency brake up slowly.... Changes just for a second if I engage 4x4 around 30MPH but you can still hear it...... not convinced it has anything to do with Transfer case.... but drive line angle changes ever so slightly ? All the squeal noise seems to go away after driving 10 or more miles...... Annoying to say the least as it doesn't seem to have any kind of mechanical impact to my rig......just an annoying squeak. Initially thought maybe the Fan Clutch...... air flow causing it to turn and squeak ? built then again I would think revving the engine would cause noise to change ? Gonna default to the TJ Forum to se if any one else can shed some light. Anyway, if you need any help with your Rig, let me know. Ken
  9. Nice trip, great scenery. Nice meeting you Mike. Enjoyed watching the YJ flex out on the trail. Makes me miss mine As always, fun "wheelin" with Jason and Sarah. Looking forward to more trips with all you guys!
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