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    Love my Large Marge! Married to Trail Toy! Twin daughters! 3 ankle biters! When's the next trail ride, road trip or camping trip?! Let's go!

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  1. Let me know if you need any 'help' - was an auto claims adjuster and supervisor for like 10yrs. Glad to know you are still with us, despite your tangle with a semi.
  2. Fun time on Schnebly Hill Road! Started on the road at 6am, got to see stars in the sky and the sun rise as we approached Sunset Point area. Love those moments, so gorgeous! @d3lbort thanks for taking the picture of Marilyn & I at the vista view point! Your sister was a great conversationalist (unlike my two kiddos lol)! Hope you both had fun at the hike afterwards! @Christopher - was great meeting you both!! Thanks for the What3Words app recommendation! I will be exploring that today! Thanks for joining us for lunch at the Golden Goose Doug, perfect patio dining weather! @dougnsue - nice meeting you and great conversation! Hope to see you out on the trail again soon! @AZRNintheJeep242 - nice seeing you again!!! How was the new air setup? Didnt get a chance to touch base after the run! @We Just Go - thank you for sharing the history behind Schnebly Hill Rd & Sedona! I definitely need to do this before some of our runs, research! So much interesting history all around us!!
  3. Absolutely beautiful trip! Exhausting in a GREAT way! This is exactly what i needed, a brain break from the corporate wheel. This weekend was the first overland trip for the family! Nice to have another truck out with us! Also cool to see a RTT (roof top tent) in action. @Cullen McCarthy had a great setup! The views were just amazing! The best across all our trips thus far! My second favorite part of the trip was at about 500am Sunday morning I opened the rear hatch to watch the morning rays bring light to the dark skies to hear the elk calling. Marilyn and I repositioned ourselves and enjoyed listening to the unique elk calling. The dogs definitely had their ears perked in curiosity! Great trip @shellback91! I GREATLY appreciate your planning and effort for this trip The company and laughs were to be remembered! Thanks for sharing so many bucket list trails @mynr1 ! I have those saved in my phone for future planning! @Ken Ford thanks for bringing underbite Louie!! What a character! Photos and videos: I didnt get many photos of day 1 as the terrain required both hands at pretty much all times and I was already traveling at the rate of a snail so...didnt need to add to the snails pace by stopping for photos and vids. https://photos.app.goo.gl/goC3FJtFaVsdEsqT6
  4. Thanks to @Trail Toy for enduring hot metal shavings from drilling out rivets, and getting that spare tire in there just in time for the trip tomorrow!!! Adios stubborn spare tire brackets, hola 35inch spare tire!!
  5. Testing this out to see if it is good enough to bring and share!!! Preliminary results…HELL YAH! should help knock the chill off the evening Bourbon soaked apples to be dipped in caramel and rolled in salted pretzel bits, or Toll Hoise Sundae morsels (semi sweet chocolate chips,!waffle cone bits, and mini marshmallows, or Chocolate Pb morales with milk chocolate, caramel chunks and peanut halves.
  6. So looking forward to this one! With highs in the mid 50's and lows in the mid 30's, the fall colors are gonna be in full swing!
  7. Thanks for leading today @WILL E, gorgeous day playing in the sand! Loved your beautiful rig! It was great meeting you @Ken Ford , and look forward to some more fun on trail! Hopefully we’ll see you on the upcoming overland trip! @Stacey and Scott, as always it was great seeing you again and hope you had fun at the range after the trail ride! Thanks for tail gunning and watching my 6!!
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