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    Love my Large Marge! Love my Krewella! They take me everywhere I desire to go! Married to Trail Toy! Twin daughters! 3 ankle biters! When's the next trail ride, road trip or camping trip?! Let's go! #countmein

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  1. Don’t forget the horned lizard too @Trail Toy! That little dude was pretty cool!!! This was a great trail, with a good mix.
  2. stock will do great on this one! So stoked to have other chica's out on the trail! Even @CharlesM4 is bringing his daughter!! WOOT!
  3. Perdy please, add Large Marge to the list!
  4. Yes, will have both girls with us! Almost always a 'family affair' with us lol, we dont have babysitters haha. Would love to meet your wife and daughter, hopefully ya'll can make it out! AWESOME that you have your lift ready for install! So exciting! That is like Christmas!
  5. @Sparky 01 this would be a good one for you and the Mrs! It was the first trail I did at Bulldog Canyon.
  6. Large Marge & family are down to go Sunday! We will only have the Tundra on this one! Voting for the FR3554, North at FR10 route
  7. Enjoyed the day and all of the members on the trail! Every single minute in the sun and on the trail was great! The chill end at the Needle Rock Rec area was perfect! Nice little spot! @Trail Toy thanks for coordinating and leading this one! I look forward to these outings, and even more so after these stressful weeks at work! Love the Cave Creek area! So BEAUTIFUL! @Ken Ford great seeing you AND LOUIE on the trail again! Is "temptress" going to stick? lol @T and A love my time on the trail with you, so glad that we found each other again in this way after so many years! @TeenMee Beautiful rig! Love the white with orange accents! Looked like your watch band may have matched the rig too! Appreciate you coming out and enjoying the day with us! Hope to see you on the trail again soon! @Nick McDonald great to see what the Trail Boss can do in person! Nice truck! @braunbeck Great rigs! Enjoyed meeting you all and the doggo! He is so sweet! Misty - maybe we can go to a LOT (Lady Owned Toyotas) event together soon! @gearhead thank you for coming out and enjoying the trail with us! Great seeing you again! @Rawhyd nice to see you on the trail! Didnt get to talk to you really, but hope to change that next time I see you! beautiful rig! @Sparky 01 #teamtoyota lol DEFINITELY bring the ladies out! The trails, the scenery, it is always just so amazing! We live in such beautiful state! @WILL E and @Christopher missed ya'll on the trail today! Hope you are able to soon be victorious @WILL E ! @Christopher hope all is well!
  8. PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Today was AWESOME! It was the a perfect combination of trail conditions, and was an absolutely gorgeous day! This one is definitely worth doing again, and even checking out some of the side trails we saw! The timing was perfection, with just enough snow to keep it fun and slippy slidy but not too much to be dangerous and impassible. Kudos @Trail Toy for excellent timing and choice of trails! @Ken Ford thank you for spotting me on that one section! Hope your continued adventure this evening was AMAZING! You will have to share how things went @ZR2-Ben lovely meeting you and Zeus! He was a hoot! @Richard Anderson it was great seeing you and Diane again! @BillsCarnage it was nice meeting you! Your rig did so great! Hope to see you all on the trails again soon!!
  9. THANKS for the video!!! WOOT!!! I rarely get video of my rig, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing @WILL E !!
  10. @Trail Toy Great trail choices as trail #2 was definitely the one less traveled and had a great lunch spot! We will definitely be coming back out to these two trails. @WILL E thanks for the humor and great food! I will have to check out All Pierogi's - they were awesome! @gearhead - great seeing you, and thanks for spotting me! Glad to hear you made it home just fine! We had a new member join us, but cant find his profile to tag him!
  11. Let me know if you need any 'help' - was an auto claims adjuster and supervisor for like 10yrs. Glad to know you are still with us, despite your tangle with a semi.
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