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  1. The ghost remains the same IFS, but I did finally buy a Ford and install a straight axle.
  2. I wanted George to know I finally took his advice and removed the IFS to install a straight axle.
  3. Ok, I finally did something I've been threatening for a long time now; I took one of my 120volt 100watt 9000lumen garage lights and plugged it in to the inverter on the ghost. The lights are designed to light up billboards and have really really sharp edged light cutoff. They did not reach too far, a bit shorter than my standard high beams and you couldn't really tell where they stopped because they just faded out...but they were daylight out to that point. No pattern, no flare, no glare...just daylight. No flood pattern...just light 140 degrees to the side [and an unbelievably sharp cutoff] and top and bottom with absolutely NO pattern or hotspots. I could put it in one of those cheap little pepboys housings pretty easily. Just an experiment that worked. 9000lumens in truck lights seem to run about $900.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/100W-Watt-Outdoor-LED-Cool-White-Flood-lights-Lamp-High-Power-Spotlights-IP65-/121427941014?pt=US_Lighting_Parts_and_Accessories&hash=item1c45ab5696
  4. MadDog is here and we're loaded up. Leaving early...diddling around on the way...hope to hit the camp at noon.
  5. We're not bringing the ghost so we'll bring one of the Avalanches and hang around in camp while you are all at the cinders.
  6. I was in the area the week before thanksgiving. WORST GRADING JOB EVER! I have never seen such a mess. Some of the new road is as wide as an airstrip, and sucks all across the 75' of grading. I'll check with the locals to see who's running the mine.
  7. The OP is a bit reactionary in his repost of propagandist stuffs instead of posting his OWN opinion and being his first post I'm sure it is both political and uneducated. I'm sure his knowledge of the situation goes no farther than the simple words he reposted. When the 'shutdowns' happened in my county I got a call from the local paper as I was the only person [apparently in the entire county] that supported the shut downs. From what I have read, they shut down some stuff quad riders had cut across from road to road for no reason [just as I had understood], and then OPENED ABOUT 300 MILES OF PREVIOUSLY CLOSED ROADS. Just something I read, no confirmation. As an aside; We recently went to the old railroad tunnel behind Ashfork AZ. We were within 3 miles and a sign, that looks like official brown stake standard BLM sign, stands in the middle of the trail saying no vehicles, yadda yadda. We walk in the last three miles, find a very minor washout and nothing else to deem such a stake/sign. Upon reporting our trip to a retired BLM friend of a friend type that was in-charge of such things, we find out that tree- huggers often plant those signs much like green-pieces block whaling ships. Just a heads up about doing a bit of research and formulating an opinion of your own as to why and how and when. I'm sure the poster above me can shed some light on what really happened in Mohave County and if indeed, the meeting resulted in a BUNCH of trails opening...as reported in our local newspaper.
  8. Went in mud this weekend. Got caught in a 2.5" in fifteen minutes freak storm. I think the ifs holding my tires flat on the road helped me a lot. I can't 'outdrive' the suspension, speed wise, with my new spring pack. The trucks comfort level is now maybe 20mph over mine.
  9. He has the right tires but if I could stand a full width axle I'd have it in a full width vehicle. Thanks for thinking of me. IRS is next on the list. I just lost my test mule so I'm looking for a two door blazer to do the fitment.
  10. We're going to be with you for a day. We have family coming in so we'll have to back in Williams for the bulk of the weekend.
  11. Valentine detector. Always on in any vehiclewe travel in. we don't speed hardly at all, but we get to see the traps FAR in advance.
  12. I'll be there Saturday [most likely, maybe Sunday] and can take over a couple of hours at your truck. I doubt you'll need it; when we've gone in the past there were very few actual 'manned' booths as everyone is pretty easy going with their stuff and the crowd/management is VERY controlling of rabble and will watch your stuff as if it was theirs.. A hint for first timers; The REAL show is usually in the parking lot and the 'official' campground. We took a dozen or so pics at the show and a hundred or so at the campground/parking lot. We bought our fox-wing from a vendor there. While I'm in favor of buying from the vendor that has the gumption to show me their item at shows like this, and I am willing to pay a BIT of a premium for the adavantage of actually touching their goods, do NOT expect 'show' deals. Prices are jacked sky-high. We paid far far too much for our impulse buys there. No camping for us, it's easily covered in a day. A word about pets there; I am vaguely remembering [possibly incorrectly] two years ago that a dog incident happened and they threw out all dog owners with no notice at all. I think it was just dogs that weren't affiliated by way of having a booth, but there was a mass exodus while we were there and a LOT of grumbling. While they are dog friendly, they will not hesitate to throw you out for even a slightly perceived non-factual incident. BEST SHOW EVER for me, and Kris, and Chris and Sara, and people who do expo type vehicles. Two-door Jeepers will likely get bored but there are the Brutes to look at and trail-trailers.... Nadine really really wants a 'little' unimog. She's had me look at four of them in the last 10 months. This could be a dangerous trip for me. Pinz will do nicely now that we have a Flagstaff location. They had me spooked in Havasu heat....
  13. If you can text them you can send them a MyTracks file. Ham up there should stretch all the way to Winklman. Kris and I got 35miles across a comparable valley.
  14. I'll be filling in winkleman, and because I already have a history, topping off in mammoth if possible. 22miles is 2+ gallons for me.
  15. A couple of things about Mammoth; There is Gas only, no diesel in the whole area except at Winkleman [and I can only guarantee that Mammoth doesn't have it, not that Winkleman will]. Winkleman gas is 22 miles from Mammoth gas. if you can afford the 22 miles, get the Winkleman gas. There is only one place to get gas in Mammoth. It has only two pumps/four nozzles. It can take 30 minutes to get to a pump if a rancher is there filling up. I've waited 30 minutes on locals to quit visiting in the store. If you have a group, it can easily be an hour. The tortilla factory in the building just north of the circle k are the best in the State. Tamales[ if they have them] are exceptional. The only fruit and veggies in town is at the Dollar Store 200 yards north of the circle k. Twice last year [out of about 8 visits] the CircleK was 'down' either for electrical problems or cash register crash. They lock the door and you're SOL. The Chevron[?] in Winkleman, on the corner of the road from Florence and the 77 has LOTS of pumps. If you're serioulsy interested in that untitled J-10, complete but derelict, that I have, you'll be driving right past it at the highway77 123 mile marker between Mammoth and Winkleman. No title, you haul, $300. great body, a/c,auto, LONGGGG bed. Engine turns over readily, I've lost interest and I rescued it from the crusher only because the bodyy was so straight.
  16. It's the same who rescued us on Nadine Road when I dropped the torsion bar. So the punchline is; When I break down this is our hometown....
  17. We are coming up for the day only and will not camp. Nadine is staying at her sisters in mammoth and I'll have my nephew, a mammoth local riding with me. He will be able to tell you what's on the side roads and over the hills....
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