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  1. I am heartwormed by this irony. I will frame it and keep it over the bed. Do you think I can tie it tight enough to keep my torsion bars in place?
  2. Now I have a place to store that damn -3mpg roof rack. My new garage in Williams. Finally a door tall enough for the ghost.
  3. ducksface

    The Behemoth.

    From the album: Bad Casper

  4. We just came off of an interesting trip. Parks az to Williams on county 141 spring valley road. Stupid snow plow went down it about three miles, 100 yards past there we were comitted for the next 20 miles of virgin 20" snow. Over the az divide on 17" michelins at' the havalanche did great.(7550ft) No pics, nothing to see but white and pine trees. Huge puckered factor, hit pavement as the sun set 19degree weather. It comes out two miles from our Williams house.
  5. Gear Don't buy one yet unless you're ready, you can use mine during the next outing and play with it. I'ts a 10" screen, not as big as your laptop but useable.
  6. Backcountry navigator and downloaded maps from ten different sources. Switch maps by touching a button. Mapmaker let's you make your own map, or using a jpeg of a map you denote two opposite corners and it will track you on the map. I have a map from 1910 called 'prominent waterholes and wells of the west'. I can follow it live on my droid.
  7. Post pics before you buy anything I have lots of seat motors and tracks. Maybe you'll get lucky with a crossfit.
  8. I think Garmin made a phone, or presented a phone and didn't follow through. I haven't touched my gps's since I got my Droid.
  9. ducksface


    http://offroadpassport.com/forum/album.php?albumid=11&pictureid=148 the back porch at our Behemoth Ranch near Williams, BEFORE the big Saturday storm. p.s. My inabilty to post pictures is legendary.
  10. The front hatch opens so you have access to the bed,head and galley as a motorhome. Big writeups in popular mechanics in the eighties, I last saw it in havasu about 1999, and a derelict one is somewhere within 200 miles of here...I'll ask Nadine where it is...maybe Bouse? There were twenty or so of them if I remember correctly.
  11. ducksface


    We drove through that mess just the moment before the closure. I40 from 64(we have a house up there) to damn near Ashford wasn't plowed, the off ramps into Williams wweren't plowed and there were a dozen trucks in the ditch and minor car thumps. We did 25mph all the way past Ashford and got up to 50 by Seligman. Second worst I've driven in only to be topped by Ashfork to Gallup at 20mph in the 1980's. We left the house because it dropped Six inches in an hour on top of the eight we had. Snowbounded was a serious concern.
  12. Many of their trails are available on sd card for direct download to your GPS. $25 per book i think.
  13. My little gagbag(grab and go)that I try to not leave the truck without weighs nine pounds. My bob(bugoutbag) weighs forty pounds. My long term bag (ghost) weighs 6100lbs.
  14. We screwed up and missed it this year. We had reservations at the camp found at just got our dates mixed up.
  15. Some aftermarket do as many as 20 wheels. Semi trucks. They will handle your trailer tires. I run eight tires and two spares with the toyhauler and bigblock. I have yet to buy one but have read reviews on dozens. Wanker head\dash units is mostly why. I'll have to check on a droid app....
  16. I have some of that found out at goffs road in California. It was an unmolested site and looked as if the white rock had fallen from the sky and splattered like bird poop. It covered about a ten foot circle. Just a thin layer of splashed white on a normal shiste and dirt hill.
  17. Ghost is back. All is well. I'm going to drive it a bit and then back for the final alignment. Mostly one-ton stuff under it now. Idler, joints, rear pinion,drive shafts,rear springs(detuned for comfort but just as thick) 231 for now, 203/231 is in the works. Boat sides and full belly pan are being mocked up. Except for the straight axle(that this incarnation will never have) I'm about as complete as I can get. I have also added a portable winch for the rear....
  18. Look up 'the three lee's'. Its a nice distraction on the way and is a back way in to death valley. One bad spot shelf that my stock(other) ZR2/s10 had no problem with.
  19. There are a few nice hotels close by, stovepipe is nice enough and furnace springs(?) Is nice. we usually stay in Beatty nv then in the bottom, then across and at lee vining(way across) then back to baker on dirt roads.
  20. Chloride City on the edge of death valley [and WAY up the ridge above Stovepipe] is a favorite of ours. Racetrack is on the list. We've been there during floods that wiped out the main road.
  21. I did have a 1500 watt amp in the ghost. I hooked it up to the power wires for those. if you do not want it permanently mounted, alligator clips and a length of wire attached to the terminals work just fine for hooking to your vehicle battery. You can see the power lugs in the upper left corner of the cutaway diagram. They are thumb knobs for ease of use.
  22. We love ours. The converter and a $12 electric coffee maker on the tailgate and you have coffee in five minutes. It doesn't care if its cold or windy like my propane grill does.
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJE3-MpxALE&feature=related THIS is a big pistol and worlds loudest.
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