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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/50x39-Black-Aluminum-Car-SUV-Roof-Top-Mount-Multisport-Rack-Basket-Cargo-Carrier-/380470011700?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5895c7a734&vxp=mtr Too many to list on Ebay. I can't find mine but it had slanted sides that matched the body slant and was $100 shipped. it was perfect for my Blazer. It was very much like BradyWagons. Check his build thread. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=roof+rack&_sacat=0&_odkw=off+road+rack&_osacat=0
  2. My new to me cast iron front diff is on the way. I'm putting the two piece front axle back in so I can run a front locker without clanking around corners. My only choice is a lunch box as nothing else fits. So 231 manual transfer case and a front locker next week. Ordered a second winch, a hitch mount, to run on the avalanches and the ghost. Running one gauge dual wire to the back of the ghost and tap in MAJOR power blocks to inside the cabin and at the tailgate and power the rear winch.
  3. We are for sure coming even if we have to bring an Avalanche. Heather; we are a two seater or you could ride with us. Sorry. If you don't catch a ride I'll know about a week before the trip if the avalanche is coming. Then you can ride with us.
  4. I have the one ton idler. Just an experiment, I didn't need it. I paid $500 to replace a not broken $60 part.
  5. News from another site; 4 years of overheating problems and the kid pulled the housing to try running without a thermostat. Had an airbubble in the housing. Vortec engines will not cool if there is the slightest air in the system. He burped the bubble yesterday and for the first time in four years the engine is running at temp, 40 degrees cooler than ever before. My 'vette has a burp valve at the highest point in the system. I burp it on occasion. It's just a petcock and a spacer on the upper intake/thermostat housing.
  6. Welcome to the site. Your truck is broke, my truck is broke and yet the jeeps are all mostly running...it just ain't right.
  7. I try to carry a collapsable walking stick when I go out so I can remove snakes from the way. I've seen but two rattlers in 15 years. Saw a bullsnake and it bit me. 3 snakes in 15 years, I still try to remember a walking stick.
  8. We have two avalanches, a small block coil spring 5.3 and a big block leaf spring 8.1 liter(500 cubic inches}. We have mildly camped in them before and do a couple of 4 day trips. We decided on avalanche instead of suburban because of the tents available and the already built in sleeping platform above our stored stuff. Those covers are rated at 750lb load. We have also gone the other way and used storage pods on the covers and slept inside the truck under the hard cover. With our rear seat folded flat there is 8+feet of length under the cover. We can sleep on top of the cover and not have to unpack. Cool camper shell for them increase usefulness even more. Other than versatility they are but a suburban. We switched to two door blazer due to wheelbase and width. George takes large marge just about everywhere and we do with our avalanches also. Some places take the fun out of a full size vehicle...and. bought the ZR for less than the lift had cost the previous owner. We decided on a whole vehicle instead of a lift on one of the avalanches.
  9. What a shame inferior parts are. They know they are inferior, they get plenty of feedback on their products and yet still produce the inferior product. Shout it from the roof tops, hope they fail a miserable financial death and realize that things evolve and if you don't, people like us will shout it out. make it a sticky to stay away from this product.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BARN-FIND-1979-JEEP-CHEROKEE-CHIEF-S-4X4-2-DOOR-V8-LOW-MILES-SERVICED-NO-RESERVE-/251145866839?forcev4exp=true I'm looking for a cool Daily Driver to leave at my nephews, but this is too far out of my price range and if I hurt it in any way someone would surely try to beat my ass. I'm going to find a 22r or a 4x4 luv truck or a mikado...that sort of thing.
  11. No, but there's a four link and four link v8 coil spring blazer zr2 for sale in Sierra vista for $6800. his axle swap probably cost more than that. It sits 9" higher than mine. The world record low straight axle conversion sits at an inch higher than mine and has less travel. I can't stand anymore height without going wider, and I won't go wider. You're really going to like the next blazer. I'm buying a KOH buggy and dropping a blazer body on it. Tube frame and straight axles.
  12. Blew up the front diff on the ghost. It never was right from the day of installation. Pinion nut came off. Lots a noise. Got us within 100 yards of home, I pulled the front shaft and got into the yard. Oddly, I drove it across town the other day and there isn't a single noise from the diff but you can reach under there and spin the pinion and wobble it about half an inch. New diff and locker being put in now. Decranking the torsion bars for a better ride while they are under there and FINALLY putting in the 231 manual transfer case. Still nothing wrong with my push button transfer case but it will act all weird with a locker and my solid axles.
  13. Thanks for reminding me. My foxwing would have rotted in place 'cause i folded it shut in the rain. 111 here today, dried out so quick it made a high pitched squeeking noise.
  14. Made it home. Ghost threw front shaft and took out the front yoke in the front diff along with it. Noise started in yucca, I ignored it because I knew it was the shaft again. Locked up 100 yards from home. I pulled out the shaft and the yoke came with it. I still haven't looked under it. HARD CORE excuse to put in my (already have it) front locker and get rid of the auto4x4 electronics and do the 231(already have it, I just hate fixing something that isn't broken. Well I'm sure as hell broken now.
  15. Newer tires. First one probable road debris. Rolled into truck stop, they put-on ny spare and removed most of the wheel well. Five sqft hole in the floor. Drove back to kingman, picked up another spare, headed toward flagstaff. Now out 10 miles farther down the road. Posted the post above. Called roadside repair they were there in 35 minutes. Only charged $46 to change traffic side tire. Drove back to kingman and bought another spare. Decided we were still ok, went to home depot, patched the floor hole and headed your way. Right on top of the highest crest, just exactly between first flat and second flat, traffic stopped. I could see the other side of the valley, eight miles away, traffic is stopped and out of sight over the hill. At least an eight mile backup. Lucky us we were exactly at the only dirt crossover in the next/last four miles. Used it and went Home. Too tired or would have thought to camp at the truck stop. 82 miles from home us as car as we got, put 265 miles on the truck and was on the road 10 hours. Nadine is vacuuming tire debris out of the trailer. We will try again in the morning
  16. Two blowouts in 120 miles. The first one took out part if the floor. Bought a tire and was coming anyway. Second blowout and awaiting tow truck. We're going home. Sorry we're missing this.
  17. It took me three tries then a fourth got it. That is some sad-ass reporting right there. All they could come up with was where someone back into a bog. No other sites were shown, no damage other than the tracks in, out, and the hole they left. NOT ONE OTHER PIECE OF SUPOSSED destruction shown. It's not the few of us that make a bad name, it's reporting like this trying to get the bunny-huggers to cry....
  18. We are in Utah on occasion. Take a look at the premium member trips. One is headed your way. Welcome to the site.
  19. Leaving tonight. We will stay in dogtown (lake near Williams) then see you Saturday.
  20. Wind, rain, fuel, mandated restrictions, mess, complication, cold, mud. And that was just on a Wednesday! Our electric brews right in to a metal insulated 15oz cup w/lid. I'm not good with open flames. Coffee is for the spousal unit. I drink mt dew to make it even simpler.
  21. We're bringing the toy hauler. Its getting out of the shop today. We won't be bringing the ghost. We'll hold down camp when you're out 'sploring.
  22. That's what I thought I was missing when Jim Brightly lead you through the flats near Baker. Then you showed up at camp....:o
  23. My TV's are wireless internet/Netflix/YouTube ready. If you have a YouTube app on your TV you can go to YouTube/pair and it will pair your TV to your android phone. I can select YouTube videos on my phone and it shows them, in real time, on my TV also. So far it appears to work solely with myyoutube when you are logged in, and not with a linked video.
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