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  1. Thank you, gents, for your input. I spent some time working with the radio menu and found TX & RC privacy codes set. I turned them off, dialed down the squelch a little, turned DCS off and now I believe they are good to go. I don't believe we were on a repeater channel (23 - 30). I asked some of the other ORP riders about channel numbers. My confusion stemmed from the fact that no one could tell me what the channel number was. All they could tell me was what freq. they were on. I felt like a Sad Ham. I read through the manual a bit more and found a channel to frequency conversion chart. I will be keeping the manual with me on the next trail run.
  2. @SonoranWanderer Thanks for the input! I will read through the menus and look for those options.
  3. YouTuber NotARubicon made me blow beer out of my nose the first time I saw one of his videos. "Sad Ham" indeed... Anyway, I am a newb to radio usage. I have my FCC GMRS license and two Baofeng G11S handheld radios. I can transmit and receive signals from each radio on the other. But... I have not had any luck receiving or transmitting with the radios with other radio users in a group. Admittedly, the other users in the groups could not give me any specifics on what channel they were using, nor did they know what frequency they were on. Not sure why they didn't know but using a radio on the last two runs was a total bust. GMRS operations appear to be fairly straight forward and picking a channel doesn't appear to be overly complicated or difficult. Just dial it up, right? Could it be something to do with privacy codes??? That's one part of the GMRS operation I'm not up to speed on. So, what the heck am I doing wrong?
  4. I'm so sorry, Deli, that this happened to your Jeep. I'm glad you are OK! I hope everything is fixed and you are back on the trails soon.
  5. And...my Sunday just got re-arranged by unexpected company. Sorry @WILL E I will not be going up Bulldog tomorrow.
  6. I'll reach out to a couple of Wrangler owners I know and see if they want to tag along.
  7. Fast or slow is fine except over the rougher stuff. You know how noobs are. Cindy can't play as she has a artists studio tour to attend. Feel free to jump out and do some spotting.
  8. Had a great time out there on Bulldog and we want to say Thanks to @WILL E for showing us around. Had no idea he was such the chef! We learned a few things, had a nice leisurely drive and it was fun.
  9. There will be two of us. We'll have lunch, snacks and drinks packed so no worries there. See you Saturday!
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