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  1. Looked like an amazing trip!! Love seeing the Jeeps all lined up I’m so bummed I had to back out… I was super excited for this one. It is what it is. Looking forward to next time!
  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it to this one.. looked like a fun, interesting run! Still got a good learning experience from the report and videos lol. Glad you all were safe and had a good time. Can’t wait to be back.. Unfortunately I’m finding that many shops around are backed up due to the holiday season I’m assuming
  3. Awe no.. Im so sorry Jason! My heart goes out to her.. hope she feels better soon
  4. Thank you so much Ed, I appreciate it! Unfortunately I have other plans already that I can’t back out of. Hope you have a good time! Happy you took my spot
  5. Thank you so much! Will keep that in mind.
  6. Yes! The impact felt worse. I thought for sure the jeep took more damage than it did. That poor small sports car tho.. Jeeps are tough, but one of the responders told me the tire size is what saved me from more damage.
  7. I was in an accident yesterday evening. Thank God both of us we’re ok and walked away without any injuries.. but unfortunately the Jeep will be out of commission for awhile until insurance handles everything. I was going from the parking lot to the lane to do a u-turn, and he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Didn’t see him till last min. He rammed my right tire area and slid along the side step. Broken wheel well, suspension, and tire rod. Bumper and fender took a hit too. Not sure what else went on underneath. Too soon to tell. I was so excited about my back to back off-road trips this weekend.. but everything happens for a reason. This is only a setback, not the end! She and I will come back stronger See you all on the trails again (hopefully) soon
  8. Lol you may have an idea there.. unfortunately I will not be able to make it on this trip anymore due to an unfortunate circumstance.. I’ll explain in a post
  9. Lol my jeep is also my daily driver so I try to keep it as clean as possible, but I have come to love the fact that there will always be some dust and hair! That’s why I bought her so I never have to worry about that I always try to find new ways of cleaning the jeep as quickly and effectively as possible. I’ll have to look around the forum to see if anyone else has some tips! So far I usually vacuum majority of hair and dust with a hose and sometimes rubber brush for hair, then use this duster thingy, and if I want it even more detailed I use Maguire’s interior detailer (my favorite!) with a microfiber. They also sell wipes for a quick clean. And their glass cleaner is amazing too. I actually use their products for cleaning my house I use the interior detailer on all my electronics since it’s safe to use on screens and the glass cleaner for my mirrors. I buy the concentrated gallons and mix them up. I get more technical when I detail, but I actually enjoy cleaning the jeep, it’s relaxing for me @Trail Toy I didn’t come around till a few years later lol maybe that’s why I’ve never seen it around! And you’re definitely not old haha, I work with the elderly
  10. Oh what the heck.. the pictures drew me in too. At least this run is closer to my house! I’ll just get better pulling off two runs one after another lol Keep me signed in please!
  11. Lol don’t quote me on that.. I vacuumed all the hair first, and it picked up the strays. I’ll let you know in the future
  12. Ok.. I just found the world’s greatest invention.. had my freedom panels off for this run and my jeep was dustyyy… $14.99 at Walmart! Been using it literally everywhere in my interior to pick up the majority of the dust. Most likely will buy a separate one for my exterior. Works like magic @Christopher Thought of you both having your doors off I can already picture the amount of dust you must have! As a plus it also picks up dog hair
  13. Seriously Jason.. it was a close call! Ooh.. I was torn between Canon and Sony. Will have to chat with you both about it next time Ed
  14. Amazing photography by the way! @LaZorraRoja Making me curious what you shoot with. I’m looking into Canon’s new mirror-less dlsrs for myself
  15. Hahaha that was me total fail.. and somehow I managed to get it on video! Not sure how, this was a first for me IMG_6137.MP4
  16. Thank you for a great run! It was awesome seeing everyone again and meeting some of you for the first time. Both my friend Britt and I have an amazing time Oh. And Diesel.. he always enjoys himself lol
  17. I feel bad about speaking so soon, but I am going to have to back out of this one.. Going to be hard to do two trails back to back. Crown king is the day before!
  18. Your jeep sounds similar to mine and I’ve done this trail several times already. I think you’ll do great. May be a bit of a challenge if it’s your first time but it’s the perfect trail in my opinion to start with. Curious what others will say about this. I’m pretty new myself but have learned alot already by doing trails that are out of my comfort zone and joining this friendly and knowledgeable community
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