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  1. Hey Mick we gotta bow out. Turns out we're going to be out of town that weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Thanks again Ryan for putting this together. Great times and lots of laughter!
  3. They come in lot of sizes.. The medium one holds a drill driver and lots of smaller stuff because it has dividers/organizers. I still haven't figured out how to organize it all.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I think they're going to work just perfect.
  5. Added a couple more enhancements...
  6. Thanks Ryan for putting this together. We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with you, Mick and Kris!
  7. Damn that's a LOT of work! Impressive woodworking there and creativity.
  8. All accessorized now... Just add dirt. :)
  9. Hey Ryan, I'm not going to be able to make it either. A friend passed away from cancer and the funeral is the 28th.
  10. Big changes on the way! By the end of next week I'll have a RTT and be fully committed (financially, lol) to overlanding.
  11. Taking it to get balanced today. Pretty sure it was just the alignment because things that would have caused severe death wobble no longer do and now it just feels like there's a tire out of balance between 50-75mph.
  12. I didn't evaluate it specifically but when the truck is up on stands and the wheels are turned from beneath you can feel it working.
  13. Everything is solid underneath... Checking the alignment it was exactly the same front to back so we moved it toe in about 3/16 and now I think all that's left is a tire balance issue..I think. I hope!
  14. I'll try that and also see if I can get any movement with a crowbar at the different joints. I also saw someone on a tube video recommending maximizing the toe in at the shop so I can try messing with that some more I guess. Currently they're smack in the middle of the "green zone" on my Firestone report. I checked with a tape measure last night (very hard to do solo) and it seems to be within the 1/8" toe range. Mine doesn't have the aluminum steering box.
  15. Hey y'all. I started getting the wobbles a week or so ago. Been having a heck of a time isolating the issue. I checked control arms + track bar torque. Looked for movement in both spots and saw none. Tightened steering box bolts at frame to 99 lbs. Saw a little bit of play in the drag link end at the pitman arm and (I think) tightened it to 105lbs (hard to reach and used a crow's foot). Rotated the tires. Checked tire pressure. 21 Mojave, 28k miles. What am I missing? Just had it aligned last week hoping that would fix it but it didn't. Trying to remember if it started before or after I had the dealer replace the leaking hydraulic bump stop.
  16. I just saw these. Awesome pics/video, Woody!
  17. Thanks Ryan. What an incredible place. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity!
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