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    La Zorra Roja's camera flexin'

    Some of my favorite images, most of them taken from someplace far from pavement.
  2. No, just some cleanup. I tore the meniscus and then they found other old guy junk while they were in there. I'm walking already but have to be careful for a month or so. Looking forward to getting out on the trail soon!!
  3. With one hand, yes, but I don't like to brag so I just tell people I tripped over the dog gate. Thank you!
  4. I had some work done on my me-joints.
  5. Moar lights... They had a sale so I was obliged to spend more money at Diode Dynamics. Besides, I noticed I really couldn't see what was next to me when I was in quartzsite the night before our run, so I needed them anyway. Wasn't sure about the mount but the brackets lined up almost perfectly to the cowl bolts so I put it there.
  6. A little bit of 1/4" steel arrived today...
  7. Nice! I didn't see this post until now. Time to get you all scratched up again!
  8. Thank you sir! It's more fun when you're not freezing your cojones off! Lol
  9. Here's a little video of my pre-run "campout" https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ak2qR2Dmsivbg9QoTyyIofeHrk5tpQ And a couple stills:
  10. great pics. it was a fun run, too. thanks for putting it together fellas. Still working on my pics & will share them soon.
  11. Wow awesome trip report! Makes me think about changing up tomorrow's plans...
  12. Thank you! It sticks out quite a bit more than the factory bumper but it does look pretty good. I think metal will always look better on a truck than plastic anyway.
  13. I have no shame in the quest for a less wind tunnel experience in my big red box!
  14. New booty. Don't ask what I did to my old booty. Just to keep me from being totally happy, I managed to ding the quarter panel putting it on. I also finished sealing off wind noise areas. I can actually hear my tires now. Both areas that I addressed were subtle. First was the gasket around the windshield at the top where it meets the frame. I put a very thin bead of flowable silicone on the edge to seal tiny imperfections in the gasket. Then, behind the little plastic doohickeys behind the side mirrors is a piece of foam that doesn't do squat. I pulled both sides off and gave them a liberal coat of 3M weather strip adhesive and then put them back on. It's not a Lexus, but it's much better.
  15. Jason I would change this rating to easy. Frank and I ran it the other day and it's pretty much just driving down the wash. If you choose to go out the way we went then it would turn moderate.
  16. Introducing the Squishmaster 3000! So I think I'm finally done with my install, after many many many orders and returns as I figured out how I wanted it to work. Mount From Home Depot: Snap LOC etrack Simpson mend straps (8") Misc hardware From Amazon: Vibration dampers From Harbor Freight: 2 ATV winch mounts Power (Amazon) 2 awg cable 125 A breaker 120 A relay Loom from Scott Offroadland 6 gang switch kit Air delivery (A) 6 mm push to connect hose and fittings 3 ball valves 4 chucks 1 4-way manifold 4 Deflators Gauge Cable clips I ran the push to connect hose from the bed to a Tee that feeds each side. On a whim I added a valve to each side as well in case I wanted to inflate or deflate only one side. I couldn't really figure out a good way to attach the valves but there's a hole in the body metal that I used to zip tie them in place until I figure out something better. From the valves is a little stub hose that I can clip to the rock rail (if it holds. I'm not sure it will). I attach the tee for each side to this stub. When I'm done I just remove the side hoses and put them away.. it's much less to manage than a regular four-way fill system. Inflation from 17 to 34 was under 4 minutes. Deflation took just over 7 minutes. I understand Boulder tools has a new and improved version but I'm not going to buy them. To deflate all I do now is connect the hoses and turn the valve. The deflators stay connected to the manifold always.
  17. Thanks man! The breaker is from big brother undercover: WOHHOM 120 Amp Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset 12V-36V DC Waterproof Surface Mount for Car Audio Rv Marine Boat Truck Trolling Motors, 30-300A Car Speaker Resettable Fuse https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D39FKVW/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_Z13TRYWG83FEC3YJFH0V
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