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  1. Taking it to get balanced today. Pretty sure it was just the alignment because things that would have caused severe death wobble no longer do and now it just feels like there's a tire out of balance between 50-75mph.

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  2. Everything is solid underneath... Checking the alignment it was exactly the same front to back so we moved it toe in about 3/16 and now I think all that's left is a tire balance issue..I think. I hope!

  3. I'll try that and also see if I can get any movement with a crowbar at the different joints. 

    I also saw someone on a tube video recommending maximizing the toe in at the shop so I can try messing with that some more I guess. Currently they're smack in the middle of the "green zone" on my Firestone report.

    I checked with a tape measure last night (very hard to do solo) and it seems to be within the 1/8" toe range. 

    Mine doesn't have the aluminum steering box.

  4. Hey y'all.  I started getting the wobbles a week or so ago. Been having a heck of a time isolating the issue. I checked control arms + track bar torque. Looked for movement in both spots and saw none. Tightened steering box bolts at frame to 99 lbs. Saw a little bit of play in the drag link end at the pitman arm and (I think) tightened it to 105lbs (hard to reach and used a crow's foot). Rotated the tires. Checked tire pressure. 

    21 Mojave, 28k miles. 

    What am I missing? 

    Just had it aligned last week hoping that would fix it but it didn't. 


    Trying to remember if it started before or after I had the dealer replace the leaking hydraulic bump stop. 

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  5. On 9/26/2022 at 7:01 PM, SonoranWanderer said:

    Here are a few videos:





    For this one note that the GoPro is on the bumper right in front of the engine. It makes it sound FAR more aggressive than it really was. But you will hear the cooling fan go into "turbo mode" for the transmission cooler.



    I just saw these. Awesome pics/video, Woody!

  6. First off, thanks Woody for an excellent and as always, well organized trip. The views from this trail are just amazeballs...it's easy to see why they would limit access to it. Not to mention if they didn't there would be a pile of side by sides at the bottom of the switchbacks every day. haha.

    I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new peopChocolate-Factory.thumb.jpg.951e40d179af22de72ea8ff18547d6f4.jpgPyramid-Rock.thumb.jpg.b0d8512797cb6923a2205cce260ca73b.jpgSycamore-Canyon-Arizona.thumb.jpg.9c7267f885d1aad5944082e053258b64.jpg_DSC5817.thumb.jpg.c92021ffbb356b2e914ce3d393feb4b0.jpg_DSC5820.thumb.jpg.2ef93d75f7953da5cdac224361fc7069.jpg_DSC5823.thumb.jpg.e9c99affe0f72db1316c07f41952784d.jpg_DSC5824.thumb.jpg.2025e9c21d234767f84cd3edd16c5d5e.jpgSedona-Back-Country.thumb.jpg.45e1c2cbde528afde6949a3475388bc3.jpg_DSC5830.thumb.jpg.30d0ea2641d361601ee19721a08bc8fa.jpgle and managed to break out of my tendency to only take photos after sundown. Looking forward to the next outing! 

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  7. I think I have it working... At least, it hasn't blown up yet! 







    EVIL ENERGY 1/4" 6mm Non Return One Way Check Valve for Fuel Line Oil Petrol Diesel Aluminium Silver Pack of 2 https://a.co/d/j9GIcsj


    OTUAYAUTO Universal Windshield Washer Nozzles Kit - Replaces OEM #47137, Spray Jet Kit (pack of 11) https://a.co/d/eygY2Ea





    I kinda eyeballed the location to mount the spray nozzle on the camera housing and then hot knifed the nozzle to trim off the extra "booty" extending past the housing. Eventually I'll paint it to match the body. These nozzles are adjustable and I was able to direct the stream across the lens despite being very close to one another. Surprised and happy about that! 


    The hard part was getting the siphon issue resolved. The check valve in the link did eventually work, but I needed to modify it a bit. 

    The spring inside is very very weak, so I bought the spring assortment from home depot and found one that was a good fit and put enough pressure on the diaphragm to stop the siphon. However, that only worked until I tested the washer because the pressure popped the cap off the spring. I solved that by putting another spring on the outside of the cap, because the valve body has about 3mm of space between it and the cap. 

    That held, but it still dribbled!! So, I added a small washer between the spring and the rubber diaphragm. I think it helped distribute the force on the seal. So far, so good. It's not so strong a seal that the spray is compromised, and by placing the valve an inch from the nozzle, only a very small amount of fluid is able to leak after using it. 




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  8. Thanks! I am thinking I might have to get a second tank for the rear. I thought adding the motor would act like an antisiphon, but it doesn't. Short of creating my own valve, I figure an extra tank is a cheap solution.


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  9. Spoiled by having a backup camera, I want to be able to see through it on the trail- when it's most useful. 

    I decided to get a universal windshield washer nozzle and pump and make it work. It does ... Sort of. If I'm on a slope and use it, it siphons. I don't think a check valve will work. Y'all know of any type of valve that might?



  10. 17 minutes ago, mbuckner said:

    Was that a knee replacement?

    No, just some cleanup. I tore the meniscus and then they found other old guy junk while they were in there. I'm walking already but have to be careful for a month or so. Looking forward to getting out on the trail soon!!

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  11. 32 minutes ago, Stacey and Scott said:

    This is a result of when you rescued that busload of Nuns and Orphans from certain doom as it hurtled towards a cliff...right? Lol. Here's to a rapid recovery with no complainations.

    With one hand, yes, but I don't like to brag so I just tell people I tripped over the dog gate. 

    Thank you!

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  12. Moar lights...


    They had a sale so I was obliged to spend more money at Diode Dynamics. Besides, I noticed I really couldn't see what was next to me when I was in quartzsite the night before our run, so I needed them anyway. 


    Wasn't sure about the mount but the brackets lined up almost perfectly to the cowl bolts so I put it there. 



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