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  1. 17 minutes ago, mbuckner said:

    Was that a knee replacement?

    No, just some cleanup. I tore the meniscus and then they found other old guy junk while they were in there. I'm walking already but have to be careful for a month or so. Looking forward to getting out on the trail soon!!

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Stacey and Scott said:

    This is a result of when you rescued that busload of Nuns and Orphans from certain doom as it hurtled towards a cliff...right? Lol. Here's to a rapid recovery with no complainations.

    With one hand, yes, but I don't like to brag so I just tell people I tripped over the dog gate. 

    Thank you!

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  3. Moar lights...


    They had a sale so I was obliged to spend more money at Diode Dynamics. Besides, I noticed I really couldn't see what was next to me when I was in quartzsite the night before our run, so I needed them anyway. 


    Wasn't sure about the mount but the brackets lined up almost perfectly to the cowl bolts so I put it there. 



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  4. 8 minutes ago, shellback91 said:

    looks good! in my humble opinion there's nothing wrong with quieting down some of the wind and other noises. squeaks, rattles and wind noise drive me bonkers.  I try and eliminate or tame them a little when possible. 

    I have no shame in the quest for a less wind tunnel experience in my big red box!

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  5. New booty. 

    Don't ask what I did to my old booty. 😢

    Just to keep me from being totally happy, I managed to ding the quarter panel putting it on. 


    I also finished sealing off wind noise areas. I can actually hear my tires now. 

    Both areas that I addressed were subtle. First was the gasket around the windshield at the top where it meets the frame. I put a very thin bead of flowable silicone on the edge to seal tiny imperfections in the gasket.


    Then, behind the little plastic doohickeys behind the side mirrors is a piece of foam that doesn't do squat. I pulled both sides off and gave them a liberal coat of 3M weather strip adhesive and then put them back on. 

    It's not a Lexus, but it's much better. 


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  6. Introducing the Squishmaster 3000!


    So I think I'm finally done with my install, after many many many orders and returns as I figured out how I wanted it to work.



    From Home Depot:

    • Snap LOC etrack 
    • Simpson mend straps (8")
    • Misc hardware

    From Amazon:

    • Vibration dampers

    From Harbor Freight:

    • 2 ATV winch mounts

    Power (Amazon)

    • 2 awg cable
    • 125 A breaker
    • 120 A relay
    • Loom from Scott
    • Offroadland 6 gang switch kit

    Air delivery (A)

    • 6 mm push to connect hose and fittings
    • 3 ball valves
    • 4 chucks
    • 1 4-way manifold
    • 4 Deflators
    • Gauge
    • Cable clips


    I ran the push to connect hose from the bed to a Tee that feeds each side.


    On a whim I added a valve to each side as well in case I wanted to inflate or deflate only one side.


    I couldn't really figure out a good way to attach the valves but there's a hole in the body metal that I used to zip tie them in place until I figure out something better.


    From the valves is a little stub hose that I can clip to the rock rail (if it holds. I'm not sure it will). I attach the tee for each side to this stub. 

    When I'm done I just remove the side hoses and put them away.. it's much less to manage than a regular four-way fill system. 


    Inflation from 17 to 34 was under 4 minutes.



    Deflation took just over 7 minutes. I understand Boulder tools has a new and improved version but I'm not going to buy them. 

    To deflate all I do now is connect the hoses and turn the valve. The deflators stay connected to the manifold always.































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  7. Mostly done with my Naspresso (Napa) compressor hard mount. Finished the wiring to the relays etc today. I didn't have the factory aux switches so I used the offroadland 6 gang set. I didn't want to drill anywhere to mount it so I used a carmount magnetic holder, which lets the switch move a bit if you want to reposition it. 

    Big thanks to everyone for the input and to Scott for the loom!





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