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  1. First off, thanks Woody for an excellent and as always, well organized trip. The views from this trail are just amazeballs...it's easy to see why they would limit access to it. Not to mention if they didn't there would be a pile of side by sides at the bottom of the switchbacks every day. haha. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and managed to break out of my tendency to only take photos after sundown. Looking forward to the next outing!
  2. Very pretty. I saw one at overland expo last year that was immaculate (altho not stock). They were pretty cool vehicles for sure!
  3. Love the FSJs. Last one was a 74 J10.
  4. I think I have it working... At least, it hasn't blown up yet! Parts Pump https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/WIP6300 EVIL ENERGY 1/4" 6mm Non Return One Way Check Valve for Fuel Line Oil Petrol Diesel Aluminium Silver Pack of 2 https://a.co/d/j9GIcsj OTUAYAUTO Universal Windshield Washer Nozzles Kit - Replaces OEM #47137, Spray Jet Kit (pack of 11) https://a.co/d/eygY2Ea https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Spring-Assortment-Kit-84-Pack-13554/203133714 I kinda eyeballed the location to mount the spray nozzle on the camera housing and then hot knifed the nozzle to trim off the extra "booty" extending past the housing. Eventually I'll paint it to match the body. These nozzles are adjustable and I was able to direct the stream across the lens despite being very close to one another. Surprised and happy about that! The hard part was getting the siphon issue resolved. The check valve in the link did eventually work, but I needed to modify it a bit. The spring inside is very very weak, so I bought the spring assortment from home depot and found one that was a good fit and put enough pressure on the diaphragm to stop the siphon. However, that only worked until I tested the washer because the pressure popped the cap off the spring. I solved that by putting another spring on the outside of the cap, because the valve body has about 3mm of space between it and the cap. That held, but it still dribbled!! So, I added a small washer between the spring and the rubber diaphragm. I think it helped distribute the force on the seal. So far, so good. It's not so strong a seal that the spray is compromised, and by placing the valve an inch from the nozzle, only a very small amount of fluid is able to leak after using it.
  5. Thanks Woody. You're correct, that's the issue. I did order a spring loaded check valve earlier today and should be able to test it out by Thursday. I'll keep y'all posted.
  6. For sure. I did see one that spring loaded that would probably work online and a friend gave me another one to try out so if this one doesn't work then I will do the one I saw online.
  7. my understanding is the check valve prevents back flow into the tank. but I've never handled one, so I don't know if it could also work like you describe (like if I put it in backwards).
  8. Thanks! I am thinking I might have to get a second tank for the rear. I thought adding the motor would act like an antisiphon, but it doesn't. Short of creating my own valve, I figure an extra tank is a cheap solution.
  9. Thanks. I just uploaded it to YouTube. I can't seem to edit out the embedded videos.
  10. Spoiled by having a backup camera, I want to be able to see through it on the trail- when it's most useful. I decided to get a universal windshield washer nozzle and pump and make it work. It does ... Sort of. If I'm on a slope and use it, it siphons. I don't think a check valve will work. Y'all know of any type of valve that might?
  11. I'm feeling kinda tentative right now... Money...gas ... Life...I think I'll have to bow out and give someone else the spot. Unless some of you wanna buy some landscape prints! Lol
  12. LaZorraRoja

    La Zorra Roja's camera flexin'

    Some of my favorite images, most of them taken from someplace far from pavement.
  13. No, just some cleanup. I tore the meniscus and then they found other old guy junk while they were in there. I'm walking already but have to be careful for a month or so. Looking forward to getting out on the trail soon!!
  14. With one hand, yes, but I don't like to brag so I just tell people I tripped over the dog gate. Thank you!
  15. I had some work done on my me-joints.
  16. Moar lights... They had a sale so I was obliged to spend more money at Diode Dynamics. Besides, I noticed I really couldn't see what was next to me when I was in quartzsite the night before our run, so I needed them anyway. Wasn't sure about the mount but the brackets lined up almost perfectly to the cowl bolts so I put it there.
  17. A little bit of 1/4" steel arrived today...
  18. Nice! I didn't see this post until now. Time to get you all scratched up again!
  19. Thank you sir! It's more fun when you're not freezing your cojones off! Lol
  20. Here's a little video of my pre-run "campout" https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ak2qR2Dmsivbg9QoTyyIofeHrk5tpQ And a couple stills:
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