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  1. So now we know you rattled your track bar loose with your boys with the boom set up? Lol
  2. Yup that's the one. Test fill one of my 35x10.5x17s from 12 to 36 took just over a minute. I'm thinking to mount it in the bed and plumb it to a 4 port manifold. The stuff I'm reading says it needs 2awg. The wires it comes with are pretty darn beefy. I didn't think to ground it close to the mount. Duh. That will save some coin!
  3. I bought a new compressor from Napa and want to hardwire it to my Jeep. I don't have the factory auxiliary switches, so I bought a set by offroadland. The problem I'm pondering is this: This Napa compressor draws 90A max. Too much for the offroadland switch/relays (40A). I was thinking I can still use it if I get another relay, and switch it with the output from the switch kit. Thoughts?
  4. no. that space is used for the remote reservoir.
  5. I think they're universal, assuming the length they offer will work. 8 or 10,5" Apex industrial
  6. I'd say it's more than that. Because the links stay connected to the swaybar and axle, they eliminate the need to be perfectly level to "reconnect" and don't require tying the links up, crawling under the rig, losing pins or fighting to line a bolt up.
  7. Great write up. Can't wait to see it in the dirt!
  8. Discovered the source of the clank. Clearly the universe wants me to have autolynx 🤔 My neighbor was kind enough to lend me a hand with his die set to clean up the buggered threads. Yes I know the fasteners on suspension pieces fit snug but a little loctite will have to do until the lynx arrive.
  9. Also while I cannot speak for the fellow who got stuck, I did observe the hulk consuming low quality domestic beer.
  10. Had a great time meeting and running with you all today! Beautiful country. Not crossing the river looked like this: https://youtu.be/AM7FyM7OUpE
  11. I love fishing there. Lots of big smallmouth bass! My dad lives in bhc and I've been wanting to take him on a run so maybe we can set something up out by you!
  12. Oh no. This sucks! For Jeepers it's more than a car out of commission- you can't just take a rental out on the trail 🥺 Glad nobody was hurt. Maybe you can copilot on runs until you get your baby back.
  13. I'm limited to 40 carry over hours. It would be nice to be able to cash out for Christmas shopping!
  14. I sit on my PTO all year and then at the end of the year realize I have a couple weeks of it to use or lose!
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