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  1. We are out unfortunately. We will be in Williams for an overnight SxS ride to the Grand Canyon so will swing by and say hi as we have property just up the 64 from tour event.
  2. The next weekend is fine for me too but lets just get the start date nailed down and go from there. We actually had other plans the weekend of the 5th but whatever works for the group! edit: just saw the previous post, the 12th it is!
  3. We stayed at Petes. Close to San Felipe brewery! Showers and cool restaurant/bar full of ex-pats. Good bounce off spot. They have ocean front spots with hard surface and palape. The Chenoweth Museum 30 minutes south of SF would be a good spot also. Beach camp or just check it out in route south.
  4. Please quote me when you are thinking dates. Want to make sure I get on the list. If you want to stare at a map and figure a game plan let me know
  5. Lets pick a date in April/May and do this!
  6. We did a trip in June that was awesome. Entered at Tecate (easy fast) San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, Bahia de LA, off road across the peninsula thru a beautiful area, stayed at a mission half way, over to the pacific and up the coast. Pacific did nothing for me. We would definitely be interested!
  7. Looking to see if there is any interest from anyone wanting to do the Mohave Road trail. 117 miles taking you from Az to Ca through the Mohave National Preserve. Lots of geological and historical features. Anytime between now and hot.
  8. We will be there Friday (night) then Flag/Cinders dor another event Saturday (night) then NW side of Powell for a couple days then North Rim GC for a couple more days…..loop
  9. We are going to Burro Creek tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully find a site. Dark grey ram with FWC camper towing trailer w/RZR Frank. Call if you go to plan B 928-208-7595. Coming from Havasu down from Kingman side.
  10. Wife and I will be coming out Friday night and camping. We can bring some chicken breasts or whatever you need. Let me know. Are the rides something I take my 2500 RAM w/ FWC popup or SXS?. How long are they?
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