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  1. What an amazing day playing in Sedona’s backyard. @4x4tographer put together a great route and was an outstanding trail leader, overall guide, commentator and even mechanic. His easy trail rating may be questionable (🤣), but the company and scenery were first rate! Props to @alexshel44 for wheeling his Trailhawk like a boss. Some Classic views from Schnebly Hill road: Beyond Schnebly the views were just as stunning: And I’m not sure if these are the result of the very active monsoon, but the mushrooms were competing with the wildflowers! Finally, many thanks to Chris & Sarah and their beautiful pups for running sweeper during this trek. Hope is a monster and looks like it could eat “LRRRRY” the Land Rover, but was always back there protecting our six! Many thanks to all for such a memorable day! Mike & Kristen
  2. Out first trip with ORP, and it was even better than anticipated. Many thanks to @4x4tographer for the epic run up Casner Mountain! You were the group planner, leader, tour guide and commentator all at the same time. What a fantastic trip with great sights and new friends. Shout out to @Ladybug and @ob1jeeper for tail gunning, handing out some great tips on trail and radio etiquette, and especially for handing out cookies! 🙂
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