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    I'm a 48 year-old male who lives in Gilbert with my wife and m y17 year-old daughter. Two awesome dogs complete our little troop. I have lived in AZ most of my life but haven't explored our a state enough.

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  1. Hey guys just wanna say thanks for the hospitality we had A-blast! I'm glad all the hard work you put into your rig is working out for you Will
  2. Hey everybody please don't we're being unsociable I just recently sold all my camping gear before I decided to get back into off ing so we only have one chair for the 3 of us will be tailgating this 1
  3. I agree with Trail Toy...fat guy too! 2 brats and 2 dogs please and I'll get some chips. I will be stopping by the store on the way let me know if there anything else
  4. Thanks Will there will be 3 of us. I dont think they will eat the brats. Should I bring cash or anything else?
  5. Hey will, thanks for the invite and I'm happy to hear that awesome rig of yours is back on the road. My wife and daughter want to bring the 4runner which is stock with an E-Locker. She is very green but I've had her out on two easy trails and she does really well. Would another stocker be OK for you guys? It would be the girls in the 4Runner along with my Tacoma...
  6. Hey Sarah I was actually thinking of joining you guys on this one. We did the run with Scott, Stacey and Will awhile back and we did not complete it up to Wolverine. I wanna go and I'm trying to convince the wife and daughter. You are bringing the girls right? I'm hoping that will convince my daughter to go! Finally got my lift kit, I am planning on installing it next weekend. I couldn't afford the kit you have but the reviews are really good on this one and it's adjustable so I can go higher in the future
  7. This not exactly a mod to my rig but it's for my rig. I built a 4-tire deflate/inflate system. A couple of weeks ago we took my truck and the wife's off road and airing down both trucks with my one-at-a-time deflators took forever. Plus I nearly killed my poor little cheapo air compressor airing up 8 tires with it. Based on air compressor discussions you guys posted on this site I picked up a Smittybilt 2781. I know I will have to cut off the proprietary tire adapter that comes on the new compressor to work with my kit. The pre-built deflate/inflate kits are really expensive so I made my own and it turned out fine in my opinion. Best thing is that it equalizes the pressure in all tires.
  8. I didn't know you were flyin the drone either. Thanks for giving us something to show the the family. Awesome truck you have there man!
  9. Had an awesome time today and hopefully made some new friends. Thanks everybody for guiding us newbies!
  10. There's nothing like making a fool of myself in front of a ton of people and missing out on an epic trip at the same time...
  11. Guess I need to stop using talks to text. Meant to say I've got some stomach bug
  12. Unfortunately I'm going to have to back out on this one I'm in Black Canyon City and I got some darn stubborn kiss you that won't quit or quit hope to catch you guys on the next the next 1
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