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  1. Finally getting around to posting pics...sure was a great time... loved Sunday evening dealing with drizzle, diehards out there enjoying a campfire in spite of our crazy selves..even captured a small rainbow over "Curly" and Devon's rig. A big thanks to our fearless leader, Marty!
  2. thanks everyone for the information.... I got my glasses ordered today!
  3. Thanks, Marty for a great run. Couldn't have had better weather and a good group. Just an aside... we found one of the best ice cream shops in AZ...we stopped in Gold Canyon at a place called Oldies Ice Cream Shop...Bluebell Ice Cream and a very generous portions at a very reasonable price...definitely worth the stop!
  4. Hi all! We're planning to be in a location to view the eclipse in April... does anybody have information on where we can purchase glasses to view the eclipse? Thanks!
  5. This will be our first event with Offroad Passport, looking forward to it. We're interested in going on the Moab adventure in October ... hoping there will be someone at this event that we can talk to about that.
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