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  1. I tried to make the same case to the boss, said it could wait until October... but that was not well received! Was afraid if I left before we got it sorted then I needn't bother coming back!
  2. Sadly I’m out too. Very bummed about it too but we lost our water heater today and I can’t get it repaired until Saturday. Thanks for coordinating and hoping for the next one!
  3. Bad news, we have to bow out also. Which is really sad, was hoping for rock hounding and more. But we are down a vehicle and work schedules just collided... ands somebody has to pay for the gas!
  4. Sign me up please. I'm game for camping too if others are.
  5. Interested! My daughter would love the rock hounding if she’s off work. We may be in Overgaard that weekend and can come down for the day. I haven’t made an event yet but have been wanting to. Would have my big truck so probably sticking to easy trails and picnics also.
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