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  1. I just got here and am airing down… in green Bronco with dog on south side of staging area.
  2. @Mick Bowers sad to say, please drop me, got a minor eye issue going on and doc said no contact sports, bar fights, or off-roading (ugh) until the next visit. ☹️
  3. @4x4tographer Can you please move me to the stand-by list? I didn't realize we have a family conflict on Saturday afternoon, so at best I could do Friday but would have to head out from camp first thing Saturday morning. Thinking you should open up the slot for someone else that can make the whole trip... And if nobody signs up, I'll aim for joining the first day, if that works?
  4. I came up to the rim this weekend on Young highway just east of the Valentine fire and then just north of it on the 260 coming back down this afternoon. It’s smoky up there but very chill. Seems like they are letting it slow burn “fire dependent ecosystems” that haven’t had any action in years.
  5. Well shoot, a family situation arose and I’m not gonna make it. Hope you all have a fun, safe, and dry outing!
  6. Pretty cool actually! Looks like it has deteriorated some since then, just like me! I also skimmed it and read the plot. The ending is actually pretty funny.... may need to watch the whole thing some rainy afternoon.
  7. Looks like my vehicle won’t be ready anyway, so you can drop me off the standby list. Thanks @shellback91 and have fun!
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