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    Retired in Surprise. I'm a former Corp. Security Director.
    I've modified a 14 FJ and 18 Rubicon. Now working on a 2016 Land Cruiser 200. I'm trying to make the transition from crawling to over-land. I'm 76 but fit.

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  1. Please put me down. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. I’m gonna back out of Swansea. There is a long standby list to fill my spot.
  2. Yes. 2018 with low mile. I was surprised at the amount of armor. He added some not real heave bit not tin either.
  3. Ken just got a Trail hawk. Hemi, lift, armored. He wants to test it out.
  4. Ken Johnson would like to come with you again too. He’s getting a permit.
  5. Please put me down tentatively. We are having work done on the house. I confirmed by Wednesday. Thanks
  6. Kris & Ryan, thanks for all you do! Great job arranging the perfect weather. Ryan, my wife is considering doing a watercolor the rare flower that Dora the explorer discovered. George a special thanks for the fireworks display 💥! 😂. See you fine folks in NV. Mick
  7. In Russia more cars than not have camera because the Militia (PD) won’t testify on non personal injury accidents. The magistrates and insurance companies expect video.
  8. I’m using the Jackery 500 do the same as mbuckner, to (run the Dometic frig all night.) I can also charge all my devices off it also at night. After two years absolutely no complaints. Well, a small one, it can’t power a Keurig coffeemaker. (Too many amps) 🥴. I could’ve bought a 1000 watt one, but the quality units sell for about 1 buck a watt. For $500 I’ll use my stove. This Jackery has been a great addition. Not just for camping, but for driving vacations. Helps us avoid eating fast food on the road.
  9. From the videos of the meeting it sounds like the primary focus is on the UTV / ATV rentals. No mention was made of 4wheel drive automotive type vehicles. Only Yamha, Polaris etc. Living full time in a tourist destination is always trying, but it normally represents a significant part of your tax base. .
  10. Ken Johnson and I were there last Sunday to locate his father in law’s grave while it was quiet. We may go back today if his wife wants to go today or Memorial Day. Sun City Grand opened a beautiful Vets Memorial 2 weeks ago for all services (including the Space Command) It was a well attended ceremony. Most of the vets here are Viet Nam. It meant a lot to to us because believe me; no one except our families said “Welcome Home” to us.
  11. Outstanding Kris, Three of the guys in the SunCity Grand group are scrambling at this moment to pull together the parts for your invention. You may be saving the backs of a bunch of old dudes from their own 37’s and 40’s! You should sell these things. This is a truly useful piece of recovery gear. I knew you were smarter than you look. 😂 Mick
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