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    Retired in Surprise. I'm a former Corp. Security Director.
    I've modified a 14 FJ and 18 Rubicon. Now working on a 2016 Land Cruiser 200. I'm trying to make the transition from crawling to over-land. I'm 76 but fit.

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  1. I certainly get it about the learning curve. All our members are all "seniors”, but once the setting is done it never needs to be done again. A bigger complication we found was that folks with (non Midland hardware) have a little different programming process. The handheld units only need to be set to channel 41. Thats it.
  2. We used this set up today on a ride to Parachute Hill. “ Perfect”. No outside chatter over a 7 hour period. The ride area was near I-17. After the privacy code is set on the vehicle mobile; the hand held units have channels that work with it. You can select any channel on the mobile. example: MOBIL Privacy code 31 HANDHELD Channel 41 I CAN SEND A FULL EXPLANATION ON HOW TO PROGRAM IT.
  3. Our group here has found a way to set the midland MTX275 car mobile to privacy code on 22 that will/should (filter out) other long range chatter and will work with the Midland handheld unit set on 41. I have instructions if you want them. Pretty simple. We are testing it out on a group ride to Parachute Hill tomorrow . Mick
  4. This run was about perfect for the majority of rec. off readers. Great weather, beautiful mod. trail, happy crew and a thoughtful leader. Thank you Al Mick
  5. Will, the 17th sound great to me. I have the Bradshaw overland this Weekend and leading a ride for our a community offroad group on the 16th Mick
  6. I do watch the site, but would appreciate a heads up. Re. mud: If I take the rig to the self service car wash the owner gets “downright ugly” and if I wash it down my driveway into the gutter the neighbors walk by and “stare at it.”
  7. Will, I'm gonna bail out due to the rain and the inevitable clean up afterward. If you are going again soon i hope yow will include me. Thanks, Mick
  8. Us guys on the west side are standing by for your best guess on the conditions as the evening goes on. Never been in this canyon after or during rain. No pressure Mick
  9. I got the 275 too. I keep the head unit under the driver seat. I got 2 two hand held unites, they are really inexpensive and have good range. I got a strong mag mount and put a 3” fat stubby antenna on the roof (mine is steel.) It just clears my garage door and seems to make a solid ground plain. it works great with my Baofeng HAM if needed. The setup stands right up to a auto carwash! (It sits behind a crossbar.)
  10. Please add me to the list. Please let us know if its a “sure go” and i’ll get the permit. Thanks Will, Mick
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